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What To Do When You Are Dead In Phasmophobia?

What to do after dying in the game? If you want to know what to do when dead in Phasmophobia & if you can help alive members, read this guide.

In this co-op multiplayer psychological horror game, you must work with your team to enter haunted locations and discover the ghost type. While gathering evidence though, you might get caught in the hunting phase and the ghost can kill you. So, what to do when you are dead in Phasmophobia? Can you still help your team somehow like you can do in Among Us? Find out here.

What to do as a Ghost in Phasmophobia?



When you die in Phasmophobia due to being killed by the ghost, you can roam around the location as a spirit. Yup, after those ghostly hands take over you, there’s nothing else to do. Will you be able to help the rest of your team as a spirit or do you end up becoming the paranormal villain? Neither as of now.

On the roadmap posted by the developers on Trello, you can see that they have a section called “add something for dead players to do” so we know that something is in the pipeline. The community isn’t short of ideas in this case because here’s what players are suggesting:


  • Helping the alive members by delaying the evil spirit.
  • Doing some tasks that will help alive members.
  • Some have even suggested that the dead players become vengeful spirits and attack/sabotage the alive players instead.

No matter what the developers choose, it will be an interesting addition to the game where dead players can contribute. As of now, you can follow around alive players and watch their strategies to learn how not to die. They will not be able to hear you if you are a ghost of a dead player, unless you use some other software to do so. You can follow your friends back to the truck and watch them trying to spot the ghost from there.

That should answer the question of what to do when you are dead in Phasmophobia. In the future, you will get opportunities to be a valuable member even after their death.


For now, you can check our other Phasmophobia guides to learn how to gather evidence and survive till the very end.

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