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Phasmophobia Update Plans: DLC Roadmap Reveals New Game Mode, Maps, & Items

Phasmophobia's new DLC roadmap reveals update plans with new PvP game mode, maps, and items.

Phasmophobia is a multiplayer co-op horror game that has soon created a soft corner in the hearts of the fans. The game, however, at the current stage has a limited number of maps and items to use in Phasmophobia. This has left fans longing for new updates plans in Phasmophobia. Luckily, the developer Kinetic Games understands it and is working on a new DLC roadmap plan for the game.

Phasmophobia Update Plans and DLC Roadmap


Phasmophobia is a ghost hunting game, where players have to collect evidence and discover ghost type hunting in one of the many locations available in the game. The developers have created an amazing and exciting DLC roadmap plans for updates in Phasmophobia. The roadmap is publicly available for everyone to view on Trello.

The new Phasmophobia DLC roadmap promises a new game mode PvP, maps, & equipment.

Phasmophobia PvP Game Mode | Play as the Ghost


The new PvP game mode is very exciting as it allows the players to play and control a ghost. Imagine how fun it will be when players will get to control what they were running from until now. The PvP mode is, however, tagged “undecided” by the developers. Hence, it is not certain that players will get to control the ghost, but hopefully, they will.

Phasmophobia New Levels Update Plans

The DLC roadmap introduces us to three new levels or maps in the game. The three new levels that we might play in Phasmophobia are:


  • Prison level
  • Apartment building level
  • Mansion level

Phasmophobia Introduces New Items

The Phasmophobia update plans on Trell also introduces us to some new equipment that fans can use to collect pieces of evidence and hunt the ghosts. Some of the new items include:

  • Spotlight item for tripods
  • SLS camera
  • Night vision goggles


Along with these major updates, the DLC roadmap also shows some minor in-game tweaks that can enhance our gaming experience. One of these minor changes includes a single-player button that will disconnect us from the online servers. The other change is new additions in the to-do objectives.

The new Phasmophobia update plans intrigue me and probably many more fans like myself. Hopefully, the DLC roadmap will be soon in place for us to play and enjoy the game.