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How To Open Doors In Phasmophobia | Unlock Doors

Want to know how to unlock doors in the haunted locations? Here's how to open and close door in Phasmophobia to enter rooms or hide from ghosts.

Phasmophobia is a terrifyingly awesome game to play with friends. You need to locate the Ghost room, gather evidence and identify the paranormal entity haunting the building. One important thing to know about the haunted locations is that there will be doors. Knowing how to unlock and open doors is going to help you…a lot. Here’s how to do it.


How to Unlock Doors in Phasmophobia


It all starts with the task of opening the main door of the mission. To open it up, you need to carry the key that is inside the truck. It will be near the keyboard and you can unlock the door with it. Simply approach the door and left click on it.

Now, how to open doors in Phasmophobia after the main one? Well, you need to hold the left mouse button and move back or ahead (using the camera) to open or close it. If it doesn’t work one way, try the other way. This will work if the door in the building doesn’t need a key. The left mouse click is also the way to interact with other items like keypads and taps. You’ll need to know how to make taps work to see if the water turns dirty due to the ghost’s presence.

If the door is still locked, it may be due to some other reason like the ghost keeping it closed tight. If it’s the basement door, you need to find a key on the shelves or in a bowl. Pick it up and use it to unlock that specific door. Check the journal to understand if the key you’ve got is the right one.

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