How To Use Salt In Phasmophobia | How It Works

Here's how to use salt in Phasmophobia and what it is used for. Place a salt pile near doors to detect ghost footprints using glowsticks.

Salt is an item in Phasmophobia that you can use in your ghost hunting adventures. But many players are who trying out this co-op psychological horror game are wondering how to use salt in Phasmophobia. What do you detect with it? If you are curious to know how salt works in this game and what to use the salt container for, here’s your answer.

Phasmophobia Salt Guide: How to Use Salt


Like a few other pieces of equipment, Salt can be used to know where the Ghost is present or residing. You can purchase it for $15 and you can carry 2 maximum. It has 3 uses so you can use it to detect the footsteps of ghosts. You need to simply drop salt piles on the floor near entrances of rooms and wait for ghosts to leave footprints. With a glowstick or a UV flashlight, you can see the footprint. Better yet, you can leave a glowstick next to the salt pile to see it instantly when you come across it. It’s important to detect them fast because they don’t last too long.

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Speaking of ghosts, all ghosts can interact with it except the Wraith. If the Wraith steps in salt, it will stop attacking immediately. At the same time, it will increase the Ghost activity as well.

With the help of these evidences, you can narrow down your ghost type and eventually discover it. Do note that the ghost won’t step in salt if the Hunt is going on, but that time you have to hide anyway because it can kill you easily. In case you are curious to know what to do after you are dead in Phasmophobia, check out our linked guide.

This isn’t the only use of Salt in Phasmophobia though. You can take a photo of some salt which has footprints in it to make some money as a ghost investigator. This is how to take pictures with a digital camera.

Salt is not a highly sought after item like the spirit box, smudge sticks or crucifix, still it can come in handy. That’s all about how to use salt in Phasmophobia. We have lots more guides for you on Gamer Tweak, a few are listed below:

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