Phasmophobia New Ghost: What Is This Crawling Ghost?

Here's what is known about the new Ghost model in Phasmophobia's Halloween content update.

As a part of the Halloween Additions (update 3), there’s a new ghost in Phasmophobia and players are already terrified. These additions aren’t clarified in the patch notes but we’ve already discovered a brand new ghost model. Wondering what is this new paranormal entity and is it a crawling ghost?! Find out about it right here.

Is Phasmophobia’s New Ghost a Crawling Ghost?

The new ghost in Phasmophobia update 3 greatly resembles the ghost from Japanese horror movies like The Grudge and The Ring. Her black hair covers her face, she wears dirty white clothes and she crawls on the floor! Although her look isn’t conventionally scary or gory like a zombie or a monster, her overall presence is enough to make you scream. She is extremely creepy, especially when she pops out of nowhere. Here’s a video that shows her appearance and how she absolutely scares the bejeezus out of the player.

It’s a welcome addition since the other ghost models are more visually scary while she brings an understated form of horror.


A few players are also finding this Phasmophobia new ghost crawling on the roof which sounds horrific. But luckily, this seems to be a glitch. Nevertheless, Phasmophobia has upped its scary factor and we are here for it.

Apart from these, the Update 3 has brought bug fixes. Here are the Update 3 patch notes in case you are curious to know:

  • Added voice sensitivity slider in audio options
  • Spirit box text will reveal what the response said
  • Copy button for the server invite code added
  • Text for the server version of the server password screen added
  • You can now add passwords from your clipboard
  • LIV support for VR added

For more such latest updates for this game, stay with Gamer Tweak. If you need help with using all the items in the game like the crucifix, smudge sticks or even the parabolic microphone, we’ve got you covered. You can avoid getting killed by the ghosts if you know how to use these equipment well.