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How To Witness A Ghost Event In Phasmophobia

Witnessing a ghost event is one of the many optional objectives in Phasmophobia.

While playing Phasmophobia, you can complete several optional objectives to get some extra cash in the game. One of the many objectives that you will come across is to witness a ghost event in Phasmophobia. Completing this objective is tricky as the hints of paranormal activity such as lights flickering, temperature drop, or door closing will not count for the objective. Then, how the hell are you supposed to complete the objective? That’s exactly what we will answer in this guide.


Phasmophobia: How to Witness a Ghost Event

Currently, we know about two different ways to complete witness a ghost event objective in Phasmophobia. One way is by interacting with a ghost using the Ouija Board. Ouija Board lets you ask questions to ghosts. But, be careful because, with each of your questions answered, you will lose some sanity. If the sanity reaches 0, the ghost will come hunting for you.

Unfortunately, there is no certainty that you will find an Ouija Board on all the levels. It spawns at a random location in the map, and there is only a 33% chance of it spawning in a level. Hence, it can be a long search before you find an Ouija Board and use it to complete the objective in the game.

Once you find an Ouija Board, use it to interact with the ghost. When the ghost responds to the question, witness a ghost event that will be completed.

The other way to witness a ghost event in Phasmophobia is by seeing the physical form of a ghost. You can see the ghost while exploring; however, the chances increase when the sanity level is low. During this time, the ghost will begin its hunting, and you can easily witness it.

Those are the two ways to witness a ghost event in Phasmophobia and complete the objective. When you are seeing a ghost, it is also wise to set up and use a camera to click a picture of it. Selling this picture will get you some valuable in-game cash rewards.