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List Of Words To Trigger Ghost In Phasmophobia

These key phrases can trigger ghosts in Phasmophobia so use them if you want to increase activity.

Phasmophobia is a unique take on the multiplayer game genre which adds ghosts into the mix. And as you know, ghosts aren’t chill – they get aggressive pretty fast. If you want to feel like a pro ghost hunter, you may want to know which phrases can trigger a ghost leading to higher paranormal activity. This is where this guide comes in – here are all the Phasmophobia trigger words you can use to get the horror factor up!

What are the Ghost Trigger Words or Phrases in Phasmophobia?


Use this list of Phasmophobia trigger words or phrases to make the ghost activity rise. There may be more keywords apart from these but the ones mentioned below have worked for most players. Thanks to Steam User Java for discovering these.

  • Scared
  • I’m scared
  • Show your presence
  • I’m frightened
  • Run
  • Scary
  • I’m panicking
  • Panic!
  • This is scary
  • Show yourself
  • Show me
  • Hide
  • Spooky
  • Fright
  • Horror

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As you can tell, most of these phrases are about scared out of your mind, which is fitting. You can even try different versions of the Phasmophobia trigger words mentioned above just to see if it works. But be prepared, because if you anger the ghost, there’s not much you can do.

Make sure to know how to use every item and understand if the crucifix, smudge sticks and other equipment can help you in times of panic. Since you will be speaking into the mic to interact with ghost, you can say various things that can potentially increase the ghost activity thereby giving you a terrifying match to remember! For more extensive list of hidden tips and tricks, read our Phasmophobia wiki page.

Also, did you check out the new ghost model that crawls?! She will remind you of a couple of famous ghosts of Japanese horror movies. Spooky.