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How To Clear The Training Tutorial In Phasmophobia

Get to know the basic mechanics of Phasmophobia by completing the tutorial training.

Phasmophobia is the latest sensation in the horror gaming domain. The game is slowly and steadily getting a place in the hearts of gamers and making it to the top of the charts. It requires you to discover the ghost type you are dealing with. Phasmophobia has several tools and elements that can help you determine the ghost type. Hence, it is important to first learn about the basics of these tools and game mechanics. Phasmophobia sends you on a training tutorial for this very purpose. Here’s how you can clear the training tutorial in Phasmophobia.


Phasmophobia: How to Clear the Training Tutorial

Phasmophobia will send you on a training tutorial even before you can start playing the solo or co-op mode for ghost hunting. You can clear the training tutorial in Phasmophobia by simply following all the guidelines and objectives displayed during the tutorial.

Firstly, if you have been watching Phasmophobia videos, and don’t want to take the tutorial, you can opt-out from it. All you need to do is select the “quit session” option from the menu. You can then choose to play directly in other modes without completing the training tutorial.

I would recommend that you do take and clear the training tutorial in Phasmophobia before getting into other modes. That’s because even if you have watched videos or you know about the game, it is best to get some hands-on experience to excel.

As the tutorial starts, first, check the whiteboard in the van to find out the ghost room. The tutorial will then ask you to take a camera and the ghost journal to the ghost room. Also, don’t forget to take the keys to the ghost room or you will not be able to enter it.

how to complete the training tutorial in phasmophobia


Once inside the ghost room, simply set up the camera to capture any paranormal activities in the room and place the ghost journal there. Now, head back to the van and adjust the camera settings from the desktop in the van. Wait for a minute or two to see if any ghost orb is visible on the monitor. Ghost orb is a small green-colored dot that will be flitting in the air.

If you see a ghost orb, simply write it in your journal on the last page. If you can’t find the ghost orb in the footages get back into the ghost room. This time take a spirit box and IR flashlight with you. Along with this check the ghost journal that you placed earlier to see if the ghost has written down anything. If yes, write it in your journal, and if no, proceed with other tasks to clear the training tutorial in Phasmophobia.

Now, use the spirit box to interact with the ghost and simultaneously use the IR light to scan the house for any fingerprints. Again, write down any piece of evidence you found in your journal.

Once you have completed these tasks and have noted down the pieces of evidence in your journal, you should have enough to determine the ghost type. When the ghost type is determined, all you need to do is get back to the van and interact with the number pad. This will complete the training tutorial.

That’s how you clear the training tutorial in Phasmophobia. I hope this has cleared all your doubts. If you need help with any other guides, you can always check our Phasmophobia guides section. This section is filled with several useful guides that will help you learn the basics, complete all the missions, and progress quickly in the game.