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Phasmophobia Servers Down? How To Check Server Status

Getting issues like no servers, servers not working or rooms offline? It's related to Phasmophobia server status. Know how to check if servers are down right here.

Knowing the Phasmophobia server status is important because you need to know when the servers are not working or they are down. Just imagine bringing all your friends together for a spooky game and you find out that the rooms and population is showing as ‘offline’. You won’t be able to host or join any lobby. If you see that there are no servers you can join then this guide will help you out. Here’s what it means and how to check if Phasmophobia servers are down.

Is Phasmophobia Down? How to Check Server Status


Phasmophobia has a lot of players joining in right now since it is getting more and more popular. If you see that you cannot see or join a game or the servers are offline, it means that there are too many people playing. Mostly likely it is about server overload. If you were already in the game, you probably got kicked out of it. This server outage can be frustrating but you can keep an eye on the server status by checking the official twitter of the developers. Follow @KineticGame and turn on notifications for their tweets so that you get first hand information whenever they tweet.

Plus, Kinetic Games have also posted a link on Steam that you can use to check the Phasmophobia server status. Make sure to bookmark it to check for any future outages.

If you are not able to log into your account, that could be another indication that the servers are down. Since the game is in early access, such issues are bound to happen. There are some other issues as well like the mic not working, problems in voice chat and buggy equipment. We hope all of these issues get sorted soon.

That’s how to check if Phasmophobia servers are down and its current server status. For more such helpful and hidden tips and tricks, don’t miss our Phasmophobia wiki guide which will make your spooky adventure even more fun.