How To Use Sound, Motion & Infrared Sensors in Phasmophobia

Here's a step by step guide on how to use Sensors in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia is one of the most talked-about psychological horror games right now. In order to detect the presence of a ghost in Phasmophobia, players will have to use Sensors. Notably, Sensors in Phasmophobia can only be unlocked when you reach level 7 or 8.

Once you managed to unlock these Sensors, you can use the same to record the Ghost reading. It should be noted that they can only work if you place them on the walls. After putting these sensors on the walls, go back to your truck and monitor them.

There are three types of sensors in Phasmophobia — Sound Sensor, Infrared Sensor and Motion Sensor.

How To Use Sound, Motion & Infrared Sensors in Phasmophobia

How to Use Sound Sensor in Phasmophobia

Sound Sensors are used to catch movement in a particular room. In order to use a sound sensor, take it on your hand and stand near a wall to see a hologram of it. Make sure to select the proper location to place the Sound sensor.

The sound sensor will help you to detect the movement in a whole room. In order to see the radio of the sensor, go back to your truck and look at the map where you kept it. In the map, it will show the room in Yellow color, which will be the radius of the Sound sensor.

Notably, the Sound sensor will also pick up the sound of your teammates as well. So, make sure not to wonder much in the room where you kept the sensor. If the sensor catches any sound, it will be shown on the screen and map as well.

How to Use Motion Sensor in Phasmophobia

Similar to the Sound Sensor, Motion sensor also works in the same way. But, it has a very small radius. The best place to keep this sensor in Phasmophobia is on the alleyway as the sensor detection range is a straight line.

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Once the sensor catches the motion of the ghost, it will be shown on the map screen. Besides the ghost, it also detects the movement and sound of your teammates as well. The motion sensor will light up green when passed through the detection range.

How to Use Infrared Sensor in Phasmophobia

The best location to place the Infrared Sensor is in the room where you think the ghost is hidden. If the Sensor detects infrared radiation, there is a possibility of ghost hidden nearby. If two or more of your friends have the same sensor, you can cover up small maps easily. Meanwhile, if any teammate who does not have any items can try to use the spirit box to have a conversation with the ghost. So, even if your teammate dies then there would not be so much loss of the item.

That’s everything you need to know about Sensors in Phasmophobia and how to use them. For more help with Phasmophobia, check out our guides covering how to use Parabolic Microphone and how to use Salt.

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