Rage 2 Wiki Strategy and Walkthrough Guide

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Rage 2 is a big game, and it is infested with insanity. There is no escape whether you are on foot or driving your best combat vehicle. You can land across many activities, bandit camps, ark locations, etc. And for this you will need help, our Rage 2 Wiki guide brings latest guides on them. You can view the index to find weapon locations, ark locations, vehicle locations, unlock new camps on maps, etc. We will regularly update the guide with more and more new content to keep you updated.

Review & Opinions

Rage 2 Review: Embrace The Chaos:  The Game doesn’t try to be like any other game, in fact, it is not even like its prequel but instead, it is trying to carve out a name for itself.

Tips & Tricks, Controls And Beginners Tips Guides

  1. PS4 Control Guide: Learn how to use weapons, drive vehicle, use weapons, etc in Rage 2 on PS4.
  2. PC Control Guide: Learn how to use weapons, drive vehicle, use weapons, etc in Rage 2 on PC.
  3. Xbox One Control Guide: Learn how to use weapons, drive vehicle, use weapons, etc in Rage 2 on Xbox One.
  4. What Are Arks: If you miss all the Arks in Rage 2, you are out of your senses. Finding New Ark means new weapon and ability.
  5. Weapons And Combat Vehicles Tips: New to Rage 2, then don’t miss this there are many things you have to learn before you enter the Wasteland.
  6. Upcoming New Content for Rage 2: Want to know what new things are coming for Rage 2 then read this guide.
  7. Project Guide: Want to know what are projects and what it gives you then read this guide. Project is none other than skills, there are four allies who reward you with different skills as you complete their objectives.
  8. Best Projects In Rage 2:  Find the best project to unlock first if you want to conquer the wasteland.

Abilities, Collectibles & Locations Guide

  1. Nanotrites Ability Guide: Nanotrites are the superpowers you get in Rage 2, from summoning a vortex that absorb enemies like a black hole to summoning an unbreakable shield. Learn about all Nanotrites abilities and their special power.
  2. Wasteland Mayhem Guide: Aside story mission which is not that big you can do hundreds of different activities, read our Mayhem guide to know more.
  3. All Ark Location Guide: Want to find all the arks and what they bring then click the link to know more.
  4. Unlock Shatter: An superpower that allows you to release a kinetic blast from your hand.
  5. Junkers Pass Chest Locations: Locations for 6 Chest & 1 Ark Chest with screenshots.
  6. Doomsayer Peak Chest Locations: Location of 8 Chest and 2 2 Ark Chest with screenshots.
  7. Gazcatraz Chest Locations: Earn $310, 2 Nanotrite Booster, 2 Weapon Core Mode and 400 Feltrite

How-To Guides

  1. How to Enable and Use Cheat Codes: Want some cheat code to do extra in Rage 2 then read our guide and find out details on all available cheat codes.
  2. Restore Health: Dying is foolish, healing is folly. Want to heal fast then check this out.
  3. How To Dash: A faster way to dodge incoming missiles, you are going to dodge a lot.
  4. Fix Damage Vehicles: Combat vehicles can break in Rage 2, learn how to fix them.
  5. Unlock Vendor + Items To Buy: You can buy a lot of important things like ammo, explosive, crafting items, including rare items for weapon upgrades from Vendor.
  6. Find Trade Towns: Place where you can find Traders and Vendors.
  7. Unlock Fast Travel: Save your time from blindly riding around from one location to another.

Unlock New Vehicles And Vehicles Upgrade Guides

  1. All Vehicle List, Stats & Call-In Cost: Want to know how many combat vehicles are there in Rage 2, what are their strong and weak points then read this guide. Also, learn about their Call-in cost.
  2. Unlock Vehicle Menu: There are around eleven different combat vehicles Rage 2, you can access them and their upgrades after unlocking the Vehicle Menu.

Unlock New Weapons And Weapons Upgrade Guides

  1. Grav-Dart Launcher Location: Learn where you can find a Grav-Dart launcher an, amazing gravity shot weapon in Rage 2.
  2. Wingstick Guide: Learn to use this deadly gadget to distract enemies and kill them before they do.
  3. Grenade Guide: Controls to throw an explosive on those whom you don’t love.
  4. Learn To Use Focus: A ability that can reveal hidden enemies, repair vehicles and help you to find hidden rewards.
  5. Learn Overdrive: Turn into a monster for a short while, amplify your damage and get auto health restoration.
  6. Unlock Settler’s Pistol & Armor: Learn how to get a pistol and an armor in Rage 2.
  7. Upgrade Weapons: Stronger weapons can kill stronger enemies.
  8. Unlock BFG 9000: Get the exclusive collectible gun a BFG 9000.
  9. Upgrade Ranger Assault Rifle: Learn to upgrade the best all rounder weapon in rage 2

The guide is under construction we will be updating a fresh list of guides every day till we are done with the game.