How To Repair Damage Vehicles in Rage 2

Weapons gets damage from jumps, attacks and crashes

Vehicle in Rage 2 does not come with unlimited life, they can get damaged by crashes and attacks. Also if you jump from a very high the vehicle can face some serious damage and you have to fix it instantly. In this Rage 2 How To Repair Damage Vehicles guide, I will show how you can instantly fix your vehicle, and what is required to repair them.

How To Repair Vehicles

Damage vehicles will release smoke, it will not work unless you fix it. Stand in front of the vehicle and use Focus, press L1 for PS4. Buy this you can repair vehicles and drive them back again. Also, try participating in racing, you can do that instantly by attacking any vehicle on the road. By winning a race you will earn Auto parts that can be later used to upgrade weapons.

In the massive Wasteland, vehicles are the only way to travel safely from one location to another. So you have to fix them and it does not really require to collect some additional items. Just use the Focus to fix it. This can be done a number of times but is best to get some upgrades that can increase the damage intake of vehicle. It will be highly useful when you are competing against convoys because in those competitive missions your vehicle will be taking a ton of damage.

If you want to know more about various vehicles in Rage 2 and info on their upgrades then you can read our guide Combat Vehicle List, Stats & Call-In Cost – Guide. Also, one important thing if you lost your vehicle somewhere and plans to call in for help then there is a small fee required. So use it well and try now to call the vehicle multiple times or else you will dry out your funds.