Rage 2 All Combat Vehicle List, Stats & Call In Cost – Guide

Tanks, Hover Crafts, Bikes, Racing Cars, Etc.

Rage 2 has some pretty cool combat rides, these vehicles are prepped weapons and next level ammunition that can easily take down anyone in your path. The game also has a racing mission like Death Race where you take down the enemies while riding your car. If you are excited to find out what all Vehicles you can see in Rage 2 then this guide brings you a list of eleven vehicles, their stats and the call in the price you will pay each time to call the ride. Yes, calling them is chargeable so we had also listed the price.

To upgrade vehicles you will need Auto-parts that you can earn by winning races. You can also find Auto-parts in Ark Chests, Shops, and Convoys. So keep hunting for more and more auto-parts to load your ride with the best weapons.

Rage 2 All Combat Vehicle List

We are able to track down around eleven different types of rides, we will update more in the list as soon we get the full edition of Rage 2.

Phoenix: Call-in for $10

Rage 2 Phoenix Stats

  • Type: Combat Vehicle.
  • Stat: Armored all-terrain recon vehicle. Fast, sturdy and ideal for tough conditions.
  • Weapon: Link forward facing, auto-targeting machine gun.
  • Benefits: Facilities Nanotrite Repairs.
  • Weakness: Modification requires Rare parts.

Phoenix Upgrades:

  1. Gating Guns – Heavy duty twin Gating Guns.
  2. Safe Mode – Prevents your vehicle from being destroyed.
  3. Blast – Hold Triangle to charge, then release to blast an energy wave that deactivates nearby energy shields and exposes weak points.
  4. Cruise Missile – Lock-on to a target and shoot a guided missile at it. Best for attacking vehicle weak spots.
  5. Re-inforced Armor – Increase the amount of damage the vehicle can take.
  6. Ejector Seat – Eject from your vehicle.
  7. 20mm Cannons – Twin automatic 20mm Cannons.
  8. Fortified Armor – Increase the amount of damage the vehicle can take.
  9. Hellfire Mortar – Fire a volley of mortars, then guide them down onto a target.

Raptor: Call-in for $10

Rage 2 Raptor Stats

  • Type: Supercharged Bike
  • Stat: HHigh-SpeedRide.
  • Weapon: No Weapons.
  • Benefits: Ideal for escape.
  • Weakness: Does not carries weapons and offensive abilities.

Icarus: Call-in for $10

Rage 2 Icarus Stats

  • Type: Exploration Vehicle
  • Stat: Ark Gyrocopter.
  • Weapon: No Weapons
  • Benefits: Best for exploration over rough terrains where you cannot drive.
  • Weakness: Prone to overheating on high altitudes.

Chazcar: Call-in for $10.

Rage 2 Chazcar Stats

  • Type: Competitive Racing Car
  • Stat: Fitted with 800NM ft-lb torque feltrite engine to optimize acceleration, custom front & rear
  • shocks and custom-valved bump stops, to deal with any high jump.
  • Weapon: No Weapons
  • Benefits: Best for racing, Skin customization available.
  • Weakness: Not for combat.

Wind Razor: Call-in for $10.

Rage 2 Wind Razor Stats

  • Type: Immortal Shrouded Bike.
  • Stat: Low riding speedster bike.
  • Weapon: Electrical Generator that produces chain of electricity within reach of other electrical sources.
  • Benefits: Ideal for a team of bikers using the same bike to guard a convoy.
  • Weakness: Requires Team and strategy to harass enemies.

Nippa: Call-in for $10.

Rage 2 Nippa Stats

  • Type: Goon Squad Bike.
  • Stat: Military Bike
  • Weapon: Rider can shoot enemies while riding the bike.
  • Benefits: Best to chase and kill enemies.
  • Weakness: No attacked weapons.

Pulverizer: Call-in for $50.

Rage 2 Pulverizer Stats

  • Type: Immortal Shrouded Car.
  • Stat: Lightest and Most Agile car.
  • Weapon: Highly Advance Electrical Weapon + Explosive Mine-Dropping System.
  • Benefits: Idea guard vehicle, efficient and powerful.
  • Weakness: Vulnerable to cruise missiles while dropping explosive mines.

Devastator: Call-in for $50.

Rage 2 Devastator Stats

  • Type: Immortal Shrouded Tank.
  • Stat: Sturdy, Well-armed and Deadly.
  • Weapon: Advance Energy Shield can handle small arms fire.
  • Benefits: Best Guard Vehicle.
  • Weakness: Vulnerable to cruise missiles during automated re-arming sequence because of exposure of weak spots.

Rolla: Call-in for $50.

Rage 2 Rolla Stats

  • Type: Goon Squad Car.
  • Stat: Lightest Buggy with fire and speed.
  • Weapon: Can leave traces of Fire and Napalm bombs.
  • Benefits: Ideal vehicle to block incoming enemies.
  • Weakness: Vulnerable to cruise missiles while using bomb dropping mechanism, as weak points are exposed.

Booma: Call-in for $100.

Rage 2 Booma Stats

  • Type: Goon Squad Tank
  • Stat: Heavy Tank
  • Weapon: Nuke Cannons + Seat for Gunner to target enemies in close range.
  • Benefits: Powerful tank to destroy anything in your way.
  • Weakness: Vulnerable to cruise missiles while reloading.

Xerxes III: Call-in for $500.

Rage 2 Xerxes 3 Stats

  • Type: Authority Tank
  • Stat: Predator-class Tank, features heavy, ablative armor.
  • Weapon: Loaded with devastating Pulse Cannon.
  • Benefits: Only God can save your enemies.
  • Weakness: Slow speed.

This list is not complete we will update more soon, thanks for visiting GamerTweak.

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