Rage 2 Nanotrites Ability Guide – List Of All Abilities And What They Do

Special attributes that allows you to do more than just shooting

Want to know what are all special abilities you get in Rage 2 and how to use them or will there be new abilities? Well the special attributes that give you the power to perform a kinetic blast to throw an enemy away high in the air or do more lethal than this are called Nanotrites. Rage 2 has four Nanotrites Abilities Slam, Shatter, Vortex, and Barrier. You can combine these abilities to get different specials attacks. In this Rage 2 Nanotrites Ability Guide you can learn on all four abilities and what they do. New abilities can be unlocked form the Ark, press L1 to activate an ability.

Abilities can be upgraded using Nanotrite Boosters, you have to gather them from various open world activities and visit the Nanotrite section in the game menu for upgrades. Some abilities can be leveled up to 3 and some offers Level upto 5.

Nanotrites Ability Guide – All Four Abilities And Combos


The higher you go the stronger Slam attack will be. It is strong enough to destroy a group of enemies in one single attempt. Use double-jump to gain more height and then perform Slam attack by crashing to the ground like loud thunder. The shockwave generated by the slam attack will turn enemies into liquid.


This is the best way to say talk to my hand, the ability allows you to release a strong kinetic shock from your hand that can throw anyone off the ground. Smaller enemies will fly away high and sometime their heads will explode. A very powerful attack in close combat. This one is best to use when are trying to kill a single enemy. Press L1 and then Square to activate.


You can throw a Vortex between a group of the enemy that will tie them together and make them unmovable. Use grenade or rocket launcher to shoot them all in one shot. This ability is ideal to take down a group of enemies, it will save your time and ammunition. You can step into the vortex to launch yourself high in the sky. Press L1 and then press Triangle to activate. Press L1 and then press Triangle to activate.


The ability allows you to summon a shield to block incoming attacks. This shield is not just limited to blocking but it can also kill anyone who comes in contact with it. A combat attack of Shield + Vortex is lethal enough to kill anything. Summon the shield and then use the Vortex ability to pull enemies into your shield, job done.


An ability that unlocks by default during the starting missions, it will amplify your attacks and damage for a short while. During the activation period, it will also start restoring your health and increase the chances of dropping better loots from killed enemies.


Dash is unlocked from Ark 401A in Vineland, the first Ark after talking to Prowley’s holo recording. It allows you to swiftly shift left and right to dodge incoming projectiles. Press L1 to activate.


Use Grav-Jump booster to get an extra burst of lift in the air. Press X while airborne to activate, the ability can create a devastating shockwave once you land with full speed on the ground. A kind of ability that can move anything around you.


An ability that can revive you from death, once it is activated while dying this ability will release an electrical shock to the heart. It does not require any kind of activation, it will work when you are dying while fighting.



The ability will partially heal injuries and project you from incoming damage. It also adds an extra benefit of restoring health while you are busy picking up Feltrite.



The ability allows you to generate a strong kinetic shockwave. The damage and range of this attack can be increased with height. Hold L1 and press X to activate.

Players can combine different abilities to create new attacks, and there are many combinations in Rage 2. Watch the above video to see how all the abilities work and how the deadly combos can cause higher damage.