Rage 2: How To Unlock Shatter Ability

A powerful kinetic force capable of stripping armor and displacing enemies

Shatter is the second ability you will unlock at Junkers Pass 416A Ark, this ability allows you to release a strong kinetic force strong enough to rip enemies armor or throw them up high in the air. The ability can be unlocked pretty soon in Rage 2 as soon as you unlock the open-world Wasteland. In this guide, you will learn how to use shatter in Rage 2 and how to unlock shatter ability.

How To Unlock Shatter

From the Map Menu in Twisting Canyons pick the first Ark – Junkers Pass Ark that has the shatter ability. It is guarded by some goons not that tough to kill. You will be stopped by a road block, kill the enemies there to unlock the road and then drive to Junkers Pass Ark. Kill everyone and use Focus to unlock the door. You will unlock Shatter with the tutorial. After coming out of the Ark go left towards down ways and scan the small area on the mountain edge for three crates for rewards. Get $265 instantly.

How To Use Shatter Ability

Hold L1 and then press Square to lunge forward, this will trigger the Shatter ability. You will release a strong kinetic force from your hand that can damage enemies armors and displaces them far from their location. It is just like pushing someone but with a force that can just throw anyone far away. Shatter can also be used on objects.

Unlock & Use Shatter Ability In Rage 2

The only problem with Shatter ability is that it will not work if you are far from an enemy. You have to be very close and then it can do maximum damage. Go near to an enemy hold L1 and then press Square to release the kinetic force.

Shatter is highly useful when you are stuck with someone in close combat, you can just throw them away from an unavoidable attack. But this also puts you on risk, if you plan to use Shatter to kill someone by going near. Use it efficiently to break armors and destroy enemies.

Shatter Skill Upgrades: Requires Nanortite Booster

  1. Warping Shatter- Increase range.
  2. Cooldown 1 – Cooldown Reduced to 20 seconds.
  3. Cooldown 2 – Cooldown Reduced to 15 seconds.
  4. Double Shatter – Increase the rate of destroying enemies.
  5. Shockwave – Create Shock Waves while Shatter.