How To Dash In Rage 2 – Best Move To Dodges Missiles

Dash ability will help you to dodge with full speed in sideways confusing enemies attack.

Dash is the first ability you will unlock at Ark 401A in Vineland, an ability that will help you to avoid incoming attacks like missiles. Through Dash you can move sideways with high speed avoiding any kind of incoming projectiles instantly, this will also help in avoiding enemies melee attacks. In this Rage 2 how to dash guide you will learn the controls and moves on how to dash or dodge and using it effectively in the battle. Also, find where you can unlock Dash ability in Rage 2.

How To Dash

After listening to Prowley’s Hologram in the Presido, you will unlock the first Ark of Rage 2. It will give you the Dash Ability. Press L1 to Dash in any direction and Left Stick to dodge incoming attacks. Remember these two keys to perform a perfect Dash and save your health. In the Ark complete the training by performing Dash three times against an incoming threat.

Dash, when the enemy shoots a projectile, as soon you spot coming it near you, can instantly dash to the left or right to avoid it completely. There is a timing to perform the move if you delay it the explosive will damage your health. So you have to be quick and during the start of Rage 2, this move will be helping you a lot in avoiding all kinds of incoming attacks.

Dash is a defensive technique, it is a fast movement in any direction which is necessary to avoid explosive that can cause high damage to your armor. After completing the training in the Ark you can perform Dash in the real world, happy dashing.

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