How To Use & Refill Overdrive In Rage 2 – Gain Health & Amplify Damage

Learn how to use overdrive and refill the overdrive meter

While your way to the Courtyard at the start of Rage 2 you will unlock a special ability Overdrive. In this guide, I will show how to use Overdrive in Rage 2 and what are its benefits. This ability will allow you to push your weapon beyond their limits means it will amplify your damage. When you are in Overdrive mode your health will restore automatically and there are chances that killed enemies will drop better loots. The overdrive meter will be displayed on the bottom left of the screen, look for a skull icon.

How To Use Overdrive

When you are fully charged Press L1 + R1 to activate Overdrive, this will change the scene a bit. Your weapon damages will be higher so keep shooting everyone around. Overdrive is best to use when you are surrounded by a lot of stronger enemies and you have no time to waste. You can jump in and activate overdrive, whatever gun you are using will cause higher damage killing enemies in a few bullets. Try taking headshots.

The best thing about using Overdrive is that it will restore your health while you are busy killing others. So an amazing way to get back into the fight and there is no special requirement to refill the Overdrive back again. Also, it does not have any long cool-down period.

Refill Overdrive Rage 2

To refill Overdrive meter get maximum headshots, also chain multiple abilities together to perform destruction that quickly kills multiple enemies will instantly refill the Overdrive meter. While You can view the Overdrive meter on the bottom left side that refills slowly on killing enemies but faster when you are able to do more with different abilities.

The real destruction begins when you start getting more and more new abilities.