Grav-Dart Launcher Location & How To Use Grav-Dart In Rage 2 – Guide

Powerful Weapon The Uses The Power Of Gravity

Grav-Dart is a powerful weapon in Rage 2, the game is releasing on May 14, 2019. We are able to pull out some vital that will help you long before the game release. One among them is a powerful weapon Grav-Dart location in Rage 2. Grav-Dart users gravity against enemies, it lets you perform a dual attack that throws away enemies far away from you. Grav-Dart is a pretty strong weapon and in this guide, you will also learn how to use Grav-Dart in Rage 2.

Where to find Grav-Dart

Grav-Dart is located in a mission where you will be assigned to investigate Ark 421c at Needle Falls Ark. While exploring the region you will spot a massive ship with alien enemies. A few are weaker ones, and one is mini-boss type with powerful projectiles and armor. Kill the smaller ones first and then target the big guy. Use a shield to block his projectile and shoot from behind. Some of your abilities will not have much impact on him, so try to use the full potential of whatever weapon you are using, for example, a rifle. A shotgun is powerful enough to destroy his health bar.

After defeating the mini-boss enter the ark by press LB (Xbox One) to open the door. Grav-Dark is inside, after collecting the weapon a tutorial mode will teach two ways of using the gun. First shot on a bunch of enemies and throwing them away in the air and second by using override mode where you can take down an entire horde in no time.

How To Use Grave-Dark – Xbox One Controls

The weapon connects a host to a target and accelerates it towards the target. More bullets in a target increase the force inflicted to it.

  1. AIM + Press RT – Choose a target.
  2. AIM + Press LT – Accelerate towards the said target.
  3. LB + RB – Overdrive

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