Rage 2 Review: Embrace The Chaos

Rage 2 is that sort of game which you reminiscent about, growing up you do miss that one game which you felt had it all and Rage 2 kind of feels like that. The game lets you so absolute sadistic with the action. You have tons of options in which you can inflict damage to your opponents and the weapons and their modifications work like a charm. There are plenty of things to point out about the game, the voice acting and the environment that the game is set in, and if you take one element away it feels like the game might fall apart but it does the opposite.

Though the game features a ton of chaotic action, it won’t have your heart pumping throughout, you do get the chance to see and experience your surroundings in the game. Rage 2 is built up by having various elements and things working in perfect harmony to deliver a chaotic experience mixed with tender moments of pure emotion too. The game is built upon the main character’s attempt to exact revenge on the one responsible for the death of a loved one and takes you through a nice journey, sadly the endgame payoff isn’t as good as the action and what this game deserves, which explains the roadmap content that is sure to follow in the coming months.

rage 2 review

Rage 2 does its best to deliver a nonstop high octane action driven game, and it does that part really good what it lacks somehow is the story aspect and the making the player connect with the characters and story, like some of the other games have done in the past. Keeping this aside, Rage 2 falls short of absolutely nothing. The game is designed to make players go in hyperdrive and become a ruthless killing machine.

This is odd but every weapon in the game seems to have its own personality and the same goes to the vehicles in the game, what seemed like a no-nonsense shooter game offers so much more which can only be limited by your imaginations, the game will often push you to combine skills to kill enemies and this is your chance to make use of almost everything in your arsenal instead of just shooting down your opponents.

rage 2 review

The cheat codes in the game allow change the game completely, you think this version of Rage 2 is tame for you then you have to active the cheats that Bethesda has provided to take it into top gear, the game is certainly not boring not even a second of it seems stretched out or even made to make the players suffer, in fact, it feels like it should’ve gone on and on.

The overdrive mechanism works like a charm and I’ve found out that to be my favorite thing in the game, though many games have had their own version of this, Rage 2 not only enhances every ability when you go in Overdrive it also changes the visuals to match the chaos that is going to ensue. The visuals in this game have been top notch and the addition of neon pink in the game gives it a nice accent and this explosion of colors on the screen works like a charm to better your experience of the game.

rage 2 review

The music selection of the game is strange but then again almost everything else is too, the music factors a lot in setting your mood in the game, more often than not the music will be the key factor as it keeps blasting at your eardrums you will feel a surge of emotions and the rush of blood running through your veins and this to me has to be one of the salient features about it.

Rage 2 doesn’t try to be like any other game, in fact, it is not even like its prequel but instead, it is trying to carve out a name for itself. A certain head turner which will make you come back at it again and again. Rage 2 has to be one of the most enjoyable games of 2019.


Rage 2 Review

The Game doesn't try to be like any other game, in fact, it is not even like its prequel but instead, it is trying to carve out a name for itself.

  • Story 7.5
  • Gameplay 8
  • Graphics 7
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