Rage 2 Settler’s Pistol and Armor Unlock Guide (Pre-ordered Bonus)

Rage 2 is at the brink of release and the people who have pre-ordered the game are rewarded with a few items that will make a huge impact. One of those items is the Settler Pistol, many of the players are having difficulty getting their hands on the weapon and this guide will show you how to gain access to it.

How to Get Settler Pistol and the Nicolas Raine Armor Pre-Order Bonus Weapon in Rage 2

Although some of you who have already got their hands on this game, you will still find a bit of difficulty finding the Settlers Pistol because it will go live when the actual game is released, which means waiting for another couple of hours according to your location.

To get the weapon you will have to complete the bonus mission titled, ‘Cult of the Death God’. This mission is exclusively available to only those who have pre-ordered the game and once you complete the mission you will be rewarded with the Settlers Pistol and Nicolas Raine Armor both of which will be available after the game goes live globally. If you haven’t yet completed the mission, this is your chance to complete it and if you have then you might as well stay calm and wait for it.

The mission ‘Cult of the Dead God’ is rumored to be a limited time event so you’d better want to finish it as soon as you can. This will make sure that you get your hands on one of the most valued armor and weapon this game has to offer.

As these weapons are pre-order bonuses we cannot assure if this can be found in the game for those who bought the standard version of the game. More will be announced in the coming hours of the game.

This is all there is to get your hands on the Settlers Pistol and the Nicolas Raine Armor, make sure you check out other guides as well.

Rage 2 is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.