How To Get BFG 9000 In Rage 2 – BFG Gun Location& How To Unlock

Want this amazing gun, then you are on the right place

Looking for BFG 9000 Gun location in Rage 2? then you are in the right place. In this How to find BFG 9000 gun guide I will give you step by step instruction to get this amazing energy weapon that can blow anything into one single shot. Yes, it releases an energy core powerful enough to destroy anything in your way. But remember it is a slow weapon, it is best to kill Cyber-Crushers and other mini-bosses. The BFG Ammo is limited, but you can buy them. So continue reading to find how to unlock BFG 9000 in Rage 2.

How To Get BFG 9000

BFG 9000 is a part of Rage 2 Deluxe and Collector’s Edition. If you had purchased any of these editions then you can find this in an isolated location in Rage 2. BFG 9000 comes from Doom, it is an amazing weapon and once you find it you can switch it anytime from your inventory.

How To Get BFG 9000 In Rage 2

  1. To get BFG link your Bethesda Account with Rage 2. If you don’t have an account then create a new one.
  2. From Game Menu select the Store options and follow the on-screen instructions to link Bethesda Account.
  3. Complete Prologue mission till you get the Armor. After unlocking the wasteland, not far from
  4. Vineland, towards the north side, follow the marked location on the above map screenshot.
  5. Soon after a short time while driving you will see a Comet crashing a hill, that is where you will find the BFG 9000. Walk towards it and claim the amazing gun.

How To Get BFG 9000 In Rage 2

BFG 9000 comes from Doom, the gun that shoots green plasma and it is one of the most powerful weapons. It just one hit and work done, in Rage 2 BFG shoots big size green plasma at a slow rate. The ammo is limited but you can buy it at Wellspring. Look around to find the right Trader or Vendor to get enough BFG ammo. The current magazine size is 3 Ammo’s, so best to use it against tough enemies.