Rage 2 Doomsayer Peak Chest Locations – 2 Ark Chest & 8 Storage Containers

Unlock all to earn $1400, 1 Nanotrite Booster and +5 Auto parts with other more rewards

Doomsayer Peak can be unlocked by visiting the blue question mark in the Twisting Canyons region of Rage 2. This peak is infested with goons and it will be a tough time killing them all. But the rewards are good, there are two Ark Chest and Eight Storage containers with tons of cash, plus you earn additional after clearing Doomsayer Peak. In this Rage 2 Chest location guide, you will get locations of all 2 Ark Chest and 8 Storage containers in Doomsayer Peak, you can find them after clearing all the goons. By unlocking all the chest you will earn some $1400.

Doomsayer Peak All Chest Locations

First, you have to visit the marked location in the this will be revealed as blue question mark once you unlocked everything at Junkers Pass Ark. By finding every chest you will earn around $144, one Nanotrite Booster and +5 Auto parts. Also be ready to jump high, try landing well on all four wheels or else you will damage the vehicle.

Doomsayer Peak Ark Chest Locations

Ark Chest 1 –

Rage 2 -Doomsayer Peak Chest Locations

In Doomsayer Peak you will take the first lift to go up, and then there is a second one on the left side of the bridge. You have to go all the way to the roof where you will find a storage container number 5 in the list below. The same place as an Ark Chest. Reward – Nanotrite Booster.

Ark Chest 2 –

Follow the Storage Container 8 path in the list below, Ark Chest 2 and the last storage container are on the same place. Reward – +5 Auto part.

Doomsayer Peak Storage Container Locations

Storage Chest 1 –

Rage 2 Doomsayer Peak Chest Locations

Take the lift and go up, enter the area, and take the stairs to another level up. The chest is on the left of the stairs in the room with big windows. Reward – $265.

Storage Chest 2 –

Rage 2 Doomsayer Peak Chest Locations

Exit the door on the left of the table where you got above the chest, cross the bridge and you will reach the bar there are lots of goons here. the chest is on a table in this room. Reward – $260, some feltrite and ammo.

Storage Chest 3 –

Rage 2 Doomsayer Peak Chest Locations

There is a second chest in the same region, turn left and look outside near the railings. Reward – $265.

Storage Chest 4 –

Rage 2 Doomsayer Peak Chest Locations

After unlocking the above chest, return to the bridge and turn right. You will find a lift that will take you on an upper level. There is a circular room with locked Pink door. Hit the button on it to unlock and take cover. There are a lot of goons inside, kill them and look for another similar door. Open it and walk to the right end till you find a ladder. Climb up and go to the roof area, the chest is on the right. Reward – $265.

Storage Chest 5 –

In the same area where you find the above chest, look in the murky water, there is a crate, an ark chest and another chest with a pink cover.

Storage Chest 6 & 7 –

Rage 2 Doomsayer Peak Chest Locations

Now go to the area where you can spot the windmill, it is on the right of the lift that you use for the first to enter this area. There are two storage containers on the table. Rewards – $250.

Storage Chest 8 –

Rage 2 Doomsayer Peak Chest Locations

This is the place where you will find Ark Chest 2 and the final storage container of Doomsayer Peak area. Now this one is a bit tricky to find. From the above region where you spot two chests in a room that has a windmill outside, exit from left. There will be more goons ahead, go down and walk towards the big circular metal pillar. Continue going down following the stairs, till you reach the circular area, there will be more goons inside waiting for you. Kill them all, and walk towards the are below stairs, the chest is on the right corner.