Rage 2 Junkers Pass Chest Locations – 6 Chest & 1 Ark Chest Location

Unlock all the chest for high rewards in Junkers Pass Ark

Junkers Pass Ark is the first region in Twisting Canyons where you will unlock the Shatter Ability in Rage 2. In this are there are six chest with cash and cells and there is one Ark chest that will reward you Nanotrite Booster that will be used to upgrade Nanotrites abilities, so it is best to scan the region and get all the chest one by one before you move ahead to any other location. Remember if you wait too long more goons will appear and attack you, so first unlock the Ark to get Shatter ability and then read the locations below to get all the chest. You can read our guide How To Unlock & Use Shatter Ability for help on unlocking the ability.

Junkers Pass Ark Chest Locations

Ark Chest Location:

Rage 2 Junkers Pass Ark Chest Locations

Look on the right corner of the ark after coming out of it. Use Focus to unlock the chest and get your first Nanotrite Booster.

Chest Locations

Chest 1 & Chest 2:

rage 2 junker pass chest 1 2
Rage 2 Junkers Pass Chest Locations

Walk on the left of the Ark, there is a slope that goes down to the edge of the cliff. There are two chest and one crate. Break them to get $265 cash.

Chest 3:

Rage 2 Junkers Pass Chest Locations

Return back to the ark area and take left toward the small passage, the chest is on the right side near a metal column.

Chest 4 & 5:

Rage 2 Junkers Pass Chest Locations

From the location of Ark Chest walk straight, there is a vehicle in the center top, there is one chest. You can hope on the round edge and go up. Come down and look in the left corner, the fifth chest is in the room at the end. There are also some explosive and electric components in the room.

Chest 6:

Rage 2 Junkers Pass Chest Locations

For the last chest stand in front of the entrance door, and take the stairs on the left. Go further left and walk on the metal platform to the right corner. There is another set of stairs that will lead you to the crates and the final chest of Junker Pass. Reward – $265 cash.

Now you got all six chest and one ark chest in the Junker Pass Ark region of Rage 2. Use the Nanotrite Booster to upgrade your abilities. There is still a lot more to do in Rage 2.

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