How To Use Wingstick In Rage 2 – Deadly Gadget That Hit Hard

A versatile deadly gadget that can used best with weapons

Wingstick is unlocked by default during the start in Rage 2, a simple yet deadly gadget that you will be using a lot in the game. There are four Wingstick you can carry at the start, and they return back to you after attacking the enemy. Wingstick is highly useful in Rage 2 to distract an enemy if it had locked his aim on you, with a combination of gun and grenades, Wingstick can be used to get an instant kill. So if you are looking on info on How to use Wingstick then in Rage 2 guide I will tell you about the controls and tips on using Wingstick.

How To Use Wingstick

First aim on the enemy, and Tap press R1 to throw Wingstick on the target. It will hit the enemy, don’t just wait and watchpoint your gun and shoot the head. Wingstick is best to break an enemies attack if you are not able to do much, but you have to expose yourself for a while.

You can carry four Wingstick at the start, it will act as a support weapon, though we are unaware that in later part of the game whether it can carry an explosive or not. If you are not far enough the Wingstick will hit the enemy and return back to your inventory. So it is won’t get lost.

Guns are the most important thing in Rage 2 the better you have the stronger you become. The first one you get at the start after a ranger dies killing a giant is good enough to kill weaker enemies. With large ammo capacity, the weapon does not ask you to hunt down for ammo in the battlefield.

In order to clear your path fast try to look for something explosives, especially the barrels. Shoot them or hit them with the wingstick to destroy anyone nearby. There are tons of barrels on the battlefield, you can take cover and explore the area first and then target the explosive object and move forward.