What Are Arks And Why They Are Important In Rage 2

Learn why you need to unlock a Ark in the first place

Arks is an important place to unlock New Abilities and Weapons in Rage 2, in the first mission after reaching the Presido you will unlock the first Ark 401A at the destroyed Base. Arks will give you new abilities, so once you find one the first thing to do is locate them as soon as possible.

What Are Arks & What It Is Important?

The first Ark in Rage 2 gives you the Dash Ability, a faster way to dodge enemies incoming attack. To unlock the gate of Ark hold L1, it will take a short while to open it. Enter it and you can either find a hole to insert your hand that will inject new ability in you or a weapon. As soon as you pick it, a tutorial begins that will explain to you how everything works. After completing the training exit the Ark and you are ready to test the new ability in the real world.

Arks are important in Rage 2 without them finding up new abilities and weapons hard, as you progress the storyline you will get more and more Arks to discover. Sometimes they are guarded by enemies after killing them you will be able to enter it. Arks are scattered in different locations, you can read our guide All Ark Locations Rage 2 to get more details on each of them. Below is the list of Arks and what they unlock for you.

  1. Ark 1 401A – Unlocks Dash Ability. Location – Vineland.
  2. Ark 2 Junkers Pass 416A – Unlocks Shatter Ability. Located in Twisting Canyons.
  3. Ark 3 Great Crack 408a – Unlocks Combat Grav-Jump. Located in Broken Tract.
  4. Ark 4 Canyon Cove – Unlocks Defibrillation. Located in Broken Tract.
  5. Ark 5 402a – Unlocks Combat Shotgun. Located in Trade Down, you will come across during main mission Blackout.
  6. Ark 6 Earthscar Ark 422a – Unlocks Slam Ability. Located in Torn Plains.
  7. Ark 7 Strong Box Ark – Unlocks Smart Rocket Launcher. Located in Torn Plains.
  8. Ark 8 Spikewind Ark 412b – Unlocks Barrier Ability. Located in Broken Tract.
  9. Ark 9 Dealypipe Ark – Unlocks Rush Ability. Located in Sekreto Wetlands.
  10. Ark 10 Dank Catacomb Ark – Unlocks Firestorm Revolver. Located in Sekreto Wetlands.
  11. Ark 11 Shrouded Vault Ark – Unlocks Charged Pulse Cannon. Located in Dune Sea.
  12. Ark 12 Needle Falls Ark – Unlocks Grav-Dart Launcher. Located in The Wilds.
  13. Ark 13 Greenhaven Ark – Unlocks Hyper-Cannon. Located in The Wilds.

So these are all the thirteen arks to more read our Rage 2 All 13 Ark Location Guide – Unlock New Abilities And Weapons guide.

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