Rage 2 All 13 Ark Location Guide – Unlock New Abilities and Weapons

All Thirteen Arks Maps Locations and What It Unlocks?

In this Rage 2 Ark location guide, you can find all Arks that will help you to unlock new Weapons and Abilities in Rage 2. New arks will be available as you progress the story, there are many scattered around the map and some will be also available through a side quest. I had tried to add all the Ark locations along with the details of the story mission where you can find them and what ability or weapon you can unlock. So let’s begin with all Ark Location in Rage 2.


After unlocking the free roam once you are done with first Mission Ranger that also unlocks the Projects and Vehicle Menu you will see an important update to track down Arks on the map. This will help you to find Ark and unlock new abilities. Look for the greenish blue icon for ARKS and the reddish yellow for missions.

All Ark Locations & What You Can Unlock?

Ark 1 Location – 401A: Vineland

The first Ark is available during the starting mission when you are trying to make your way to the Courtyard. After the fight is over you have to visit Presidio where you will hear Prowley’s holo-recording. She will tell you about the First Ark. You will unlock Dash ability, a fast dodging technique to dodge enemies incoming projectiles.

Ark 2 Location – 416A: Junkers Pass Ark

Rage 2 Junkers Park Ark Location

Four ark locations will be unlocked once you are done with the first mission and unlock free roam. You can start by hunting out the arks to get new weapons and abilities which is important. The second ark is in the Twisting Canyons Region. Refer the map image above and set your GPS to ride towards it. Kill the goons in the region, and you will spot the ark on the end side of this area. The door will not open unless all enemies are dead. You will unlock the Shatter ability here. Hold L1 one when you are near to an enemy and then press Square to attack.

  • Rewards – $122 + Star 130 + 3 Project Points.

Ark 3 Location – 408A: Great Crack Ark

Rage 2 Ark Location 4

On the map look on the north of Junkers Pass Ark, and a bit ahead you will spot another Great Crack Ark. Set your waypoint to the location and drive. You will have to deal with one Road Block. There are one Ark chest and 4 storage containers in the region. The Ark is located inside a goons nest, kill them all and travel to the extreme end to locate the ark. It is easy to spot. Unlocks Grave-Jump, an ability that allows performing an additional gravity-defying jump in the air. Press X twice to perform Grav-Jump.

Ark 4 Location – : Canyon Cove Ark

Rage 2 Unlock Defibrillation

The Ark is located in open ruins, it is very easy to locate but there are tons of invisible Samurai enemies around. But they are easy to defeat, clear them up and you can see the big ark door at the end of the ruins. This ark will unlock Defibrillation,  a useful ability that will help you to revive two times after you are seriously wounded in the battle. The ability works on its own, after losing health press the required key to restoring a little bit of health to get back into the fight.

Ark 5 Location – 402A: Gunbarrel Location

How To Unlock Rolla In Rage 2

The third Ark is located in Main Missin Blackout, where you will unlock Trade Town. It gives you access to Traders, Vendor, Bounties, Side-quest, etc and also the first Fast Travel Point. In this mission, you have to meet John Marshall and then you will have an objective to head to Sewers. The Ark will give you the first Combat Shotgun of Rage 2. Meet John at Gunbarrel first, you can pick the Mission Blackout from the Map.

Rage 2 Blackout Ark Location

After meeting John, turn around and there is an exit door right on the opposite of the bar, take stairs to fight and turn left from the first door. Continue walking there is on left and right, you will come across an area with red lights, this is where you will unlock Trader and Vendor. Follow the objective marker, use the lift and go down. Continue following the objective marker and it will lead you to the Sewer Turbine.  Cross through narrow passages to reach Ark 402a, unlock Shotgun.

Ark 6 Location 422a: Earthscar Ark

Rage 2 Unlock Slam

Located in the north of the Torn Plains, you will land into an open area with a lot of bandits. It is easy to take them because of almost no buildings around. Kill them all and climb the hilltop to reach the ark door. This ark will help you to Unlock Slam Ability. The ability for a short period offers you a boost to crash the ground with a shockwave that can destroy almost anything in its radius. This one is best to use if you find yourself surrounded by enemies and needs a little space.

Ark 7 Location: Strongbox Ark

Rage 2 Unlock Smart Rocket Launcher

The Ark is hidden in the city, follow the main street and clear all the enemies. Just follow the street and it will lead you to the Ark. This one is important because it Unlocks the Smart Rocket Launcher. The benefit of this weapon is it can let you mark two enemies, and once you shoot it releases a bunch of rockets that will follow them. It is an amazing weapon with really powerful ammo, so trying this in Rage 2 will be highly helpful.

Ark 8 Location 412b: Spikewind Ark

Rage 2 Unlock Barrier Ability

The Spikewind Ark is located on the top of a mountain on the marked map location. Take the road to reach the top and you will face a few enemies along with a mini-boss Junk Mech. Thanks to the Smart Rocket Launcher you can take it down really fast. Killing the Junk Mech will give you +1 Ark Tech Core. Or else you have to use a lot of explosive. It is an open region, so you can easily spot enemies around, it unlocks Barrier Ability. Summon a force shield that will protect you from incoming attacks.

Ark 9 Location: Dealypipe Ark

Rage 2 Unlock Rush Ability

The ark is located in the south of Sekreto Wasteland, once again you will have to take down the Junk Mech mini-boss to unlock the ark. Use the rocket launcher to finish up the work fast. You have to walk through the murky water and search around the huts to locate the big ark door. It is easy to spot, the ark unlocks Rush Ability.

Ark 10 Location: Dank Catacomb Ark

Rage 2 Unlock Firestorm Revolver

In the same region of Sekreto Wasteland, towards the north there is a second Ark. Look for a settlement of small houses, clear up the enemies and walk till the end to locate the ark door. The ark is located inside cryogenic survival shelter. The ark unlocks Firestorm Revolver. This weapon comes with a twist, you can shoot the targets first and then snap your finger to set enemies on fire. So a pretty cool weapon that can help you to take down multiple enemies.

Ark 11 Location 411c: Shrouded Vault Ark

Rage 2 Unlock Pulse Cannon

In the Dune Sea region towards the east corner side, you will find the Shrouded Vault ARK. This one is going to take a lot of time because the ark is secured under a Vault and to activate the main door you will need to power up two sub-stations. There are two pipes on the left and right side, follow them to reach the two sub-stations. Both have enemies guarding it. The one on the south side Sub-Station Alpha has an open hatch on the ground. Kill the enemies and climb down, crouch through the vent, and climb up till reach a control room. Kill a few more enemies and locate the lever and then use Focus to destroy Reactor Units.

Head to the second one that is on the east of the main vault, Station Bravo. Enter through the main door, and go to the second floor to locate the lever. You will find locations of the second reactor unit, destroy three shields and return to the main vault. Open the door, kill some enemies and use the elevator to go underground. Activate the third and final panel, you will see the Vault moving to an accessible area. Go there and grab the cannon. It unlocks Charged Pulse Cannon a powerful weapon that does not require reloading.

Ark 12 Location: Needle Falls Ark

Rage 2 Unlock Grav-Dart Launcher

The ark is located on a top of a rock, you will need a hovercraft Icarus to fly a bit high from the ground and locate the ark. There are few enemies around the ark kill and then unlock Grav-Dart Launcher. This weapon works differently, just shoot on multiple targets first and then use a Gravity shot to bash them against walls, or against each other.

Ark 13 Location: Greenhaven Ark

Rage 2 Unlock Hyper Cannon

The last and final Greenhaven Ark is located on the topmost north part of the map. It is also the most difficult one to unlock because of Cyber Crusher boss guarding the place. He is a tough one to kill, destroy the blue shields and he will stop for a while then go towards his back and shoot the batteries. You have to repeat this process multiple times. Take the smaller enemies first, the boss is annoying and will require time to kill. He has three primary attacks, a charged slam, laser eye, and energy pulse from his shoulder. The best way to stay alive is to dodge these attacks so you will be dodging a lot. Use Rocket Launcher and Grenades to cause good damage. Use Firestorm Revolver also. The ark unlocks Hyper-Cannon.

So now you know all thirteen ark locations and the abilities and weapons you will get by visiting them.