Where To Find Trade Towns In Rage 2 – Unlock The First Trading Town

Get Bounties, Side Missions, Races, Data Pads and more.

Trade Towns are important in Rage 2 this is the place where you can unlock a ton of activities that can reap new rewards, use it as a Fast Travel point and unlock new Map regions. Trade Town will also give you access to Vendors and Traders. You can read everything about them below. The first Trade Town is located in Gunbarrel, you can unlock it in the main mission Blackout where you have to find John Marshall a tough no-nonsense warhorse. So let’s begin with the guide on how to unlock Trade Towns in Rage 2.

How To Unlock First Trade Town – Gunbarrel

After selecting the main mission from the Map – Blackout and ride towards it. You will unlock Rolla combat vehicle at the entrance. Talk to Just Tony, a guard standing on the left in front of the iron gate. When is done talking he will open a door that will unlock the first Trade Town.

Rage 2 Unlock Trade Towns

Trade Town act as a source of different side objectives, look for people which message icons on their head. They will share their issues with you and this will add new objectives on the Map. There are many around Gunbarrel you can take your time to explore and gather all the side mission by talking to the people. After unlocking a quest check in the Log and then go on the Map to review.

Rage 2 Unlock Trade Towns

Look for Job Boards to find new Bounties. Interact with the tablet and you will get info on the new Bounties. The one is located on the left side once you enter the Trade Town.

Rage 2 Unlock Trade Towns

Scan the walls, edges of road and corners for Data Pads. Look for blinking red light, they can be in unexpected places. Data Pads are collectibles in Rage 2, it will give you Intel.

There are many people you can talk around and fine fresh objectives. Just look for the message icon on their head. You will also find John Marshall in this first Trade Down inside a Bar, just follow the main mission marker and continue playing the story missions. Or else you can talk to the citizens and play their objective for rewards. Two important people you will find in the Trade Town is a Vendor and a Trader. Both are inside the bar.

Trader – General:

At Gunbarrel after meeting John Marshall, turn around and take the exit and turn right follow stairs up. Take the first door on the left and continue walking till you see a circular path. Walk till the end and you will reach an area with red lights, this is where you will find Trader and Vendor. Both shops are opposite to each other. You can sell and buy different items from General Traders, you can also buy Rare Upgrade items like Nanotrite Boosters and Weapon Core Modes.


You can buy ammo, weapon customizations and a lot of other things from a Vendor. For this, you can read our Rage 2 Vendor guide to find what all items you can buy from Gunbarrel Vendor.