Rage 2 Weapons And Vehicles Combat Tips – Shoot To Kill

Tips for beginners on combat whether on foot or while driving

Rage 2 is huge, once you unlock Wasteland you will learn that this not going to end soon. So I bring you some amazing combat tips that will help you a lot in Rage 2. This Rage 2 beginners guide has two sections one Combat Tips when you are using a weapon basically on foot and second when you are riding a vehicle. What are the best things you can do to kill a bunch of enemies instantly?

On Foot Combat Tips – Weapons Guide

  1. Shoot The Barrels: Barrels with red and white lines on them are the most common explosive you will find in Rage 2, whenever you saw one just shoot. The explosion has a good radius instantly killing anyone around it. Barrels are the best way to clear down a gang of aliens or goons with minimum efforts.
  2. Hit With Weapon: In case you are too near to an enemy press Square for PS4 to hit with the weapon. The hit is hard enough to imbalance the enemy, do it multiple times to kill him.
  3. Weapons & Gadgets Combos: You will an auto-rifle, an explosive and a gadget in your inventory. Like a gun and a windstick. With that, you can also use a grenade, always use a combination of these items to get the best kill. For example, when you are surrounded use a Grenade on the enemies who are closes to each other, use a Windstick to hit one and then start shooting them down altogether. Rage 2 is all about using everything you got.
  4. Overdrive: You will be using this a lot when Overdrive meter is full you can push your weapon’s mechanical limit to far beyond amplifying the damage. And one of the best things, when Overdrive is active it will restore your health, so try to kill a group by activating the Overdrive. If you want to know more then read our guide – How To Use & Refill Overdrive.
  5. Feltrite Cells: Killing enemies will drop loots, one of them is Feltrite cells that will refill Health Infusion, you’re by default health syringe. Walk on them to collect as many as possible. Click on How To Restore Health to know more.
  6. Use Focus: Focus is an ability that reveals hidden enemies location along with items in the area like chest, cells, loots, etc. So using this is necessary, Focus is best to find enemies behind covers. You can aim and shoot or throw explosives to kill them all instantly. In Focus mode, you will attract the dropped Feltrite cells, no need to walk on them – How To Use Focus In Rage 2.
  7. Unlock Projects: Projects are more like skills they give you additional benefit by increasing overdrive time, fast reload, etc. There are different allies and you can purchase projects from them by paying through Project points. So as soon as you complete an activity and gets a Project point go to the Project section and unlock one that can extend your performance in Rage 2.
  8. Shatter Ability – An amazing ability you can unlock during the early part of the game that will help you to release a nice Kinetic push that can throw an enemy far away. It can also rip armors so you will need this a lot in close combat.
  9. MBTV Ballons: If you spot a balloon high in the sky just shoot it and it will drop a crate with rewards like Mutant Spore and MBTV Token.

In-Vehicle Combat Tips – While Driving

  1. Watch For Roadblocks: When you are riding to a destination you will be stopped by goons roadblocks. You can spot them from distance by looking for smoke bombs around. You cannot move ahead unless you clear the enemies, after killing them look around for a driving wheel, it will raise the Road Choker and you can move ahead. Raising Road Choker can reward you around $100 and project points.
  2. Upgrade Vehicle: There is an upgrade section in the Vehicle menu, you have to buy new upgrades and the best ones is the projectiles that can shot explosives. So keep visiting this to find the best one and use them against anyone in your way.
  3. Vehicle Combat Controls: Press L1 to fire and then tap R1 to switch between weapons. To access weapon Loadout press R1. Use Triangle + L to Dodge attacks and side ram vehicles.

We will keep updating the guide with more and more info to help you in combat in the hostile wasteland.