How To Unlock Vehicles Menu In Rage 2 – Unlock Phoenix

Want some serious rides, but first you need to pay

The Vehicle Menu will be locked during the start, but you can instantly unlock by purchasing Projects in Rage 2. Projects are missions you can unlock, play them and get more rewards and upgrades. In this how to unlock the vehicle in Rage 2 guide you will learn how to get new projects and unlock your first ride The Phoenix a combat vehicle that you can call anytime to travel. Also, remember that each vehicle has a call in cost, every time you call you to have to pay, you can find more info on the list of all Combat Vehicles and their Call-in Cost in our guide.

How To Unlock Vehicle Menu & Get First Vehicle

In the first mission after listening to Prowley’s holo recording you have to visit Ark401A, where you will unlock the Dash ability. Once done you will unlock new missions, return back to Lily and you will unlock Projects. Projects can be purchased by paying through Project Points. Go to the Basic section and you will see Lily’s project. Every ally in Rage 2 will have his/her own project section where after completing them you can unlock a variety of rewards.

After meeting Lily from Project Menu go to Basic and select View Projects. The first project you purchase will unlock the Vehicle menu and also your first combat ride The Phoenix. Press Square to buy the project first. Next hit to the Vehicle section to know more about Phoenix.

How to Earn Project Points:

Complete Locations and Activities in Wasteland to earn Project Points, return back to the project menu and unlock new projects. Clearing Road Chokers also reward you some Project Points.

Return to Lily and this also completes your first Mission The Ranger. You will unlock The Ranger Trophy and lot more is yet to come.