How To Use Focus In Rage 2 – Highlight Enemies Location & Attract Health Cells

Ability to detect hidden enemies and attract nearby Feltrite

Want to find Enemies Location In Rage 2? You will need Focus ability for that. Focus is a special ability that reveals hidden enemies in the area and it also attracts nearby Feltrite cells so that you don’t have to walk on them. The ability is important and unlocks pretty soon as you keep progressing during the start mission. In this Rage 2 how to use Focus guide you will learn the controls to use the ability and its benefits.

How To Use Focus

To use Focus Press L1, the ability will give you an advantage over enemies. It has a short range but it is highly useful on the battlefield. Through Focus you can find the location of enemies behind cover, so you can use it and then land into the area to kill them. Atleast you will know where are they hiding. After pressing L1 enemies will be revealed in purple color and allies will appear in blue.

Focus ability will also help you to find objects of tactical importance like chest, weapons, etc. It is a time saver and you will be using a lot in the game. So learn well to use Focus whenever required. With the help of this ability you can plan out a strategy to using an explosive like a Grenade or the Wingstick gadget and it also contributes to refilling the Feltrite cell for Health Infusion.

Rage 2 has more abilities that will unlock as you keep progressing in the game we will keep adding tips on the same. Thanks for reading and do check our Rage 2 Wiki section for more updates on the game.