How To Restore Health In Rage 2

Time to heal yourself and get into the battle

Rage 2 is will put in the shoes of a Ranger who is trying to stay alive in a world where everything is trying to kill him. After taking damage in Rage 2 you will lose health, the good thing is that there is a way to restore instantly when you have no great skills in your pocket. In this Rage 2 How To Restore Health guide, we will tell you the exact things to refuel your power and stay in the battle.

How To Restore Health

During the start of Rage 2 after picking your character, you will have objective to Reach Courtyard. Shoot down a few enemies and they will drop Feltrite Cells, a blue glowing object on the ground. Just walk them to collect the cells and press D-pad Up to use Health Infusion to regain Vitality.

This is the basic way to begin, just look for the blue glowing objects and collect by walking over them. An important thing to remember, if you don’t pick them and walk away to return after a short while then it is worthless, the cells will disappear because of their highly unstable nature. They will dissolve in the environment. So collect them and keep moving forward.

Short after a while when you see another ranger killing a giant alien you will get your first Armor in Rage 2. Lily your first companion in the game will give your first gun, the health meter will be displayed on the bottom left of the screen. You can now carry a sidearm, a wingstick, and a gun. Plus you will also see the amount of Health Infusion in your inventory. Wingsticks are also limited in numbers it is not a permanent weapon. Press Triangle to change a weapon.

While moving and killing enemies keep an eye on the ground for glowing blue objects, collect the cells you are going to need a lot of Health Infusion in Rage 2.