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How To Use Grenade In Rage 2 – Cook And Throw Explosive Guide

Projectile that can below up more than one head

Grenades fall in the Gadget section of Rage 2, a powerful explosive that no enemies can stand for long. To use Grenade in Rage 2 you have to switch from Winstick to Grenade and they aim them properly to throw on the right direction. Grenades are powerful that can cause massive damage and it can easily kill multiple enemies saving your time and ammo. In this Rage 2 Explosives guide, you will learn how to cook and throw Grenades.

How To Use Grenade

Press D-pad Down to switch from Wingstick to Grenade, you will see the amount of grenade in inventory on the left bottom of the screen. There are two ways to use this explosive weapon, first you can directly throw by aiming at the hostile and second you can cook and throw but within a time limit or else it will explode damaging your health.

  • Change the Gadget to Grenade first by pressing D-pad Down
  • Tap R1 to throw the Grenade directly on the enemy in front of you.
  • To chook Hold R1 for a while and then you will see a grenade icon on the center of the screen with a
  • bar, throw before the time is over.

Grenades are amazing against a group of enemies, I will add a simple strategy to use them. If your way is blocked by an enemy group project the grenade to left or right where max enemies are standing. Throw it and then walk to the opposite direction to shoot the remaining one. The explosion will cause a decent amount of damage that will be later easier to kill. You can try throwing Wingstick to get little more help in Rage 2.