Rage 2 All Wasteland Mayhem Guide – Activities You Can Do Aside Story Missions

Learn about all Wasteland Mayhem additional activities you can do

Rage 2 is big, with story missions there are many different open world activities under Wasteland Mayhem. You can do many things here to unlock rewards. Wasteland Mayhem features activities like Mutant Bash TV, Races, Ark Hunting, Helping Out Allies and Saving Friendlies. Want to know what you can do under all these activities then read our Rage 2 Wasteland Mayhem Guide.

Wasteland Mayhem Guide


Rage 2 All Wasteland Mayhem Guide

Big trucks on wheels, but these are not just trucks a heavily defended fortresses that are constantly moving and guarded from all sides. You cannot chase them on foot, so it demands great driving skills. Convoys are controlled by leaders who are protected by additional smaller vehicles around them. You have to take them and destroy everything to earn your reward, and this is not easy.

Mutant Bash TV:

Rage 2 All Wasteland Mayhem Guide

This place tosses out mutants on your head and you have to shoot them down. A perfect place for aim practice and to earn prizes and wasteland fame. Just pick the best weapon and ride over to Mutant Bash TV to complete a challenging mission for sweet prizes.


Rage 2 All Wasteland Mayhem Guide

Want to unlock more and more cars in Rage 2 then hit the roads to race. You will find some craziest races in Rage 2, the roads are not built for professionals but for speed demons who can drive over anything that comes in their way. You will find drivers in different places on the roads in the wasteland and you can quickly challenge them for a race.

Ark Hunting:

Rage 2 All Wasteland Mayhem Guide

Ark Hunting is an important activity in Rage 2 because it will help you to unlock new abilities and get better gears. During the story mission, you will come across a few Ark Hunting missions, but there are more in the open world. To get the Ark Hunting mission to talk to people in the town and collect data pods or audio recordings that will reveal mission or objectives. Ark Hunting is necessary for upgrading Walker and Unlocking new Nanotrites abilities.

Helping Out Allies:

Rage 2 All Wasteland Mayhem Guide

Allies will give you additional quest to complete and it will unlock additional rewards. So you have to keep visiting them and scanning out what more info they have for you. Follow the quest and get some fresh rewards before everything gets boring.

Saving Friendlies:

Rage 2 All Wasteland Mayhem Guide

Rage 2 has some civilians who will need your help. They will try to return your favor by rewarding you, so keep an eye on the roads around. There are chances you might spot a person getting chased by bandits, save and earn the reward for your chivalry.

These are the top activities you can do in Wasteland Mayhem and there are a lot more to come.