How To Upgrade Ranger Assault Rifle – Best All Rounder Gun

Learn to upgrade the best all rounder weapon in rage 2

No doubt Ranger Assault Rifle is the best gun in Rage 2, you get this at the very beginning and slowly when you find new Arks, locations, Missions you will get better weapons. But this go is simply amazing and it is highly recommended to upgrade this weapon at the start to the max. Ranger Assault Rifle comes with decent stats like Damage, Crowd Control, Fire Rate, and Handling. It is a fully automatic high-velocity rifle. So in this guide, you will learn about the weapon and how to upgrade Ranger Assault Rifle in Rage 2.

How To Upgrade Ranger Assault Rifle

To upgrade the weapons you will require two things. First is a lot of Fertlite that is commonly found in storage containers and Weapon Core Mod. They can be purchased from traders or you can also earn some while completing different objectives. They are random in the game. Once you gather enough Fertlite it will be required to unlock the Upgrade Levels and Weapon Core Mod is required to add new specialties to the rifle. Every level requires some 500 Fertlite to unlock and every upgrades requires 1 Weapon Core Mod.

Ranger Assault Rifle Upgrades:

Level 2 Upgrades:

  • Magazine Capacity: Increase the ammo capacity of the weapon.
  • Speedy Reload: Increase Reload Speed.

Level 3 Upgrades:

  • Holstered Reload: Automatically reload when unequipped for 10 seconds.

Level 4 Upgrades:

  • Rapid Fire
  • Armor Breaker Rounds

Level 5 Upgrades:

  • Weapon Master

After unlocking everything the weapon can perform on its max capacity. In this way, you can get the best from the Ranger Assault Rifle.

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