Rage 2 Gazcatraz Chest Locations – 2 Ark Chest, 5 Storage Containers & 1 Data Pads

Earn $310, 2 Nanotrite Booster, 2 Weapon Core Mode and 400 Feltrite

Gazcatraz is a big place to explore in Twin Canyons, the location has two Ark Chest, Five Storage Containers, and One Data Pad. In this Rage 2, Gazcatraz Chest Locations guide you can find the exact location of every chest, storage container and a data pad. Just clear the bandits first and then read our markers below to find every chest and unlock all the rewards. So let’s move ahead with Gazcatraz Storage Container Locations in Rage 2.

Gazcatraz All Chest Locations

Once you are done with the bandits just follow the markers I had mentioned below like finding a pink ladder, or a small windmill, etc and you will be able to easily find all the containers.

Gazcatraz Ark Chest Locations

Ark Chest 1: +2 Nanotrite Booster

Rage 2 Gazcatraz Chest Locations

From the entrance walk towards the broken wall on your right, behind a pile of cars. Jump down and continue walking till the end and then turn left. Look for a door after a small room with a round roof and turn left again in the corner there is a hidden room with Ark chest inside.

Ark Chest 1: +2 Weapon Core Mod

Exit and look for big iron stairs on the left side. Go up, and enter the room on your left with a metal pathway going to the upper level. Go up and you will spot the second Ark Chest. There is a storage container on the floor near shelves.

Gazcatraz Storage Containers Locations

Storage Container 1: +140 Feltrite.

Look for the big iron stairs case, you can spot it easily if you walk straight on your right from Ark Chest Location 1. Turn right from the stair and walk to the left end corner. Look for a small garage type house which has dish antenna over them. There is a storage container just on the left of the small entrance.

Storage Container 2: +130 Feltrite.

Rage 2 Gazcatraz Chest Locations

Go up on the big iron stairs and take a left turn, enter the room second storage container is near the window.

Storage Container 3a: +130 Feltrite.

Exit the room and walk straight look into the room on your left. A chest is on the floor, if you go up you will find an Ark Chest.

Storage Container 4: +$255

Exit the room and walk straight, a Datapad is in the left side, just go straight towards a small lookout tower and you will find the fourth chest.

Storage Container 5: +$255

Rage 2 Gazcatraz Chest Locations

Get down and look for a Pink Ladder, which is on the left side of the big iron stairs. Go up and look in the right corner.

Gazcatraz Data Pad Locations

From the big iron stairs, walk right till the end. There is a small room and a data pad is on the table.
Now you got all the Ark Chest, Storage Containers and Data pad in Gazcatraz region of Rage 2. Enjoy the reward and do check our Rage 2 Wiki guide for more unlocks and rewards.