Unlock Fast Travel Point In Rage 2 By Unlocking Trading Town

Instant way to unlock Fast Travel

Rage 2 is big, you will know when you unlock the Wasteland, it is massive with hundreds of activities to do. Following the Main Mission, you have to unlock a Fast Travel point so that you can travel less and avoid the unnecessary bandits, goons, mutants in your way. This is best to finish up story mission and also save your time if you reach somewhere instantly. In this 2 how to unlock fast travel guide I will show you the exact way you can get your first Fast Travel Point in Rage 2.

How To Unlock Fast Travel

To unlock a Fast Travel point you have to visit Gunbarrel Trading Town. It also has Traders and Vendors along with a lot of civilians who will give you side objectives, bounties, and Data Pad collectibles. The first Fast Travel Point in Gunbarrel, you will visit it during the Main Mission Blackout.

Unlock Fast Travel Point In Rage 2

The objective is to find John Marshal when you reach Gunbarrel, a guard Just Tony will open the door and there you have access to the first Trade Town.

How To Fast Travel In Rage 2

The Trade Town also act as the Fast Travel point, so just open up the map from any location and use it to travel instantly. There will be more coming up as you keep completing the Main Missions. By talking to people in Trade Town you will get some side quest, these side quest will reveal the covered region of Map. So it is good enough to spend some time and explore every corner to get as many objectives you can. By playing them you can reap amazing rewards.

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