Bethesda Reveals Roadmap For Rage 2 With Content That Will Follow Post Launch

As with the current trends, Rage 2 has decided to follow suit and release additional content for the game after the launch, the developers have laid out a roadmap for Rage 2 and what will follow after the release of the game.

The roadmap gives a sense of assurity to the players that the developers have no intentions of dropping the game post-launch and are serious about providing more content after release.

Roadmap For 2019

The game contains some over the top level of badassery and violence. The game has introduced a new outlook to the Rage series deviating a bit from its prequel and adding a sense of complete chaos and heroism to the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The roadmap revealed by Bethesda gives a glimpse into what will follow in the coming months as players once complete the story will have added challenges and world events that will follow to keep them entertained and invested in the game.

A strategy the makes sure that the players do not abandon the game after the release and keep coming back. The roadmap shows that in the month of may three events will take place post-release.

Then going on into June we will see a Day 30 update followed by a world event, challenges, skins, and cheat codes. Cheat codes provided early in the game completely change the perspective.

rage 2 roadmap

You can check out the Roadmap here which let you know what event will take place when and what to look out for. As of yet, there isn’t a fixed date announced for these events which will be provided in the coming days hopefully.

Though it is advisable to take this with a pinch of salt as a few games sometimes fail to deliver the events listed on the roadmap, Anthem and Fallout 76. Here’s hoping that Bethesda keeps their words and deliver as promised post-launch.

Rage 2 is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.