How To Upgrade Weapons In Rage 2

Make your current weapon more stronger using Weapon Mods

Weapons are very important in Rage 2, in the hostile wasteland ruled by crazy goons and mutants you can’t stand against them with a weak weapon. If you are looking for how to upgrade weapons in Rage 2 then this guide will help you. You will learn what are the necessary items required to pay for Weapon Upgrades, you will be visiting the menu a number of times to upgrade Weapons in Rage 2.

How To Upgrade Weapons

To unlock Weapon Level you will have to pay with Feltrite, a blue crystal type objects you will find a lot in Rage 2 crates. Around 250 Feltrite is required to unlock Auto-Rifle Level 2. After this to further enhance your weapons that increases the damage, ammo capacity, etc you will need Weapon Core Mod. You can buy them from Traders or find during playing different objectives like Ark Locations. There are many supply containers which have mods, it is a rare item so it takes time to get Weapon Mods. Fastest way is to buy it from a Trader from Trading Town, like one in Gunbarrels. Visit a Vendor and pay $1000 for a single Weapon Core Mod. Want a list of what more things you can buy then read this – Vendor Items List And Their Cost.

Upgrade Weapons In Rage 2

At Gunbarrels after meeting John Marshall you have to locate an Ark in the Sewer area, the Trader’s shop will be in your way. You can purchase Nanotrite Boosters and Weapon Core Modes from him. After having the required items go in Game Menu and open the Weapons Section.

Upgrade Weapons In Rage 2

On the left, you will see the list of weapon types a Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Grav-Dart Launcher, Revolver, Cannon and Pulse Cannon. Select any weapon and on the right bottom press the respective key to open Upgrade section. If you have enough Feltrite and a Weapon Core Mode you can upgrade the weapon by adding extra features.