Valheim Biomes Explained: Know About Every Region On Valheim Map

Check out the Valheim Biomes list, progression and more information in this guide.

The Valheim map is massive and it is packed with various Biomes – some are safer while some are absolutely dangerous. Currently, 9 Biomes are known and they have widely different environments. The game is in early access right now and the Roadmap for 2021 has already been revealed. For those who are curious to know about the Valheim Biomes Progression and what are the dangers and resources in every region, this guide will explain more about what you can expect.

Valheim Biomes List & Progression Guide

There are 6 Biomes that are developed and 3 more which are in development and subject to change in the launched game.

  • Meadows
  • Black Forest
  • Swamp
  • Mountain
  • Plains
  • Mistlands
  • Ocean
  • Deep North
  • Ashlands

Let’s look at these Valheim Biomes in a bit more detail while giving you an idea about the progression as well.

Meadows Biome in Valheim

valheim meadows
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The Meadows is the safest of them all and that’s the one which will be your starting Biome. You can get acquainted with your surroundings here because it gets more and more dangerous as you venture out. You will find Birch and Oak trees here which will give you Fine Wood and you will also come across Beech trees. The enemies here will be Greylings, Necks, Boars as well as some creatures like Deer and Gull. If you make the most of the resources here, you will obtain some Wood, Mushrooms, Flint near water sources, Stone, Dandelion, Raspberry and also Beehive.

Black Forest

valheim black forest
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As the name suggests, the Black Forest is full of terrifying creatures and it’s quite dark if you compare it to the Meadows. You will find Pine and Fir trees here but also Skeletons, Greydwarf and its variants as well as Trolls. The best thing about this biome is that you can meet Haldor the traveling merchant. You can trade and obtain various items that can give you increased carry weight (Megingjord), a forward facing light to help you see in the dark, Fishing Rod, Bait and more. There will be Troll Caves and Burial Chambers in this biome and also the second boss, Elder, will appear right here.

Swamp Biome in Valheim

valheim swamp location
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The Swamp biome is a muddy, dark place packed with tall trees and water filled with leeches. There will be Surtlings, Draugrs, Oozer, Blob, Wraith and more hostile creatures. This region is worth heading into for the resources like Ancient Bark, Scrap Iron, Guck, Thistle and Turnip Seeds. The slimey Boss Bone Mass will spawn in the Swamp biome as well.


valheim mountain
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In the Mountain biome, you will get frozen regions and unbearable cold so you have to be prepared before you decide to fight the low temperatures. Here, you will come across Wolves, some Drakes, Stone Golems as well as Fenrings. Players will have to beat the Moder boss in this biome and you will also see some Dragon Eggs while you are exploring the Mountain peaks. Remember to keep some Frost resistance mead ready beforehand to protect yourself. In terms of resources, you will find Silver and Obsidian here.


valheim plains
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The Plains offer an open space where you will encounter Fulings including Fuling Berserker and Fuling Shaman. Apart from these enemies, you will also have to fight Deathsquitos and tame Lox. If you explore enough, you will even obtain some Flax and Barley that you can use for your benefit. The fifth Skeleton boss Yagluth will show up in the Plains biome on the Valheim map.


ocean valheim
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The Ocean biome houses the Sea Serpents who have some useful drops but there’s a trick you need to use in order to kill the Serpents. With your Karve or Longship, you can sail the high seas and even discover the Kraken. When you try swimming in it, your stamina will drain quickly so you absolutely need a boat.


valheim mistlands
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The Mistlands biome in Valheim has some massive trees and some cobwebs but that is all that’s known right now. Since cobwebs exist here, spider-like enemies will be most likely present. Will they be deadly like the Deathsquitos? Let’s wait and watch as more info is revealed about the map.

Deep North

deep north valheim
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The Deep North is another biome which has snow on it and some Fir trees. This biome is located at the topmost area of the Valheim map.


ashlands valheim

Lastly, Ashlands is a barren area filled with Surtlings but there is Flamental Ore that you can mine from this region. Other than this, there is not much to do in the Ashlands right now in the early access version of the game.

We will know more about these Valheim biomes when the under-development ones get more creatures, resources, items and of course, higher level enemies and bosses. When more information is revealed about the Valheim map and biome progression, we will update this article. But meanwhile, head over to our Valheim wiki for more hidden tips and tricks.