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How To Tame A Lox In Valheim

Here's how to tame Loxes in Valheim. Also find out if you can breed them.

In Valheim, you can tame animals like wolf, boar and even Lox. The Lox is a reptile that’s big like a Mammoth which means that taming it will be a challenge. You can find Lox in the Plains biome and remember that they will gather in herds in this region. They are pretty aggressive creatures and they can kill you if you aren’t ready. After you tame a Lox, though, you will be able to pet it. So, here’s how to tame Lox in Valheim.

Valheim: How to Tame a Loxvalheim loxes taming guide

Once you find a Lox near the shores area of the Plains biome, you can tame it by approaching it sneakily. Initially the animal will be aggressive so try to not be spotted while you are trying to approach it. You can observer the percentage of how tame the Lox is when you go nearer and also see if it is hungry or acclimatizing with you. You can feed the Lox barley and cloudberries when it is hungry and you will see some hearts over it. This shows that it is acclimatizing to you and when it reaches 100%, it means that you have tamed the Lox in Valheim.

After taming these animals, you can keep feeding them whenever they are Hungry. While you are trying to stealthily walk up to the Lox before taming though ensure that you have something that helps your stealth mode. The Sneaky effect is what will come in handy and that can be obtained when all four Troll armor set pieces are equipped by the player. Next, while it is acclimatizing, make sure to be around it while also not making it aggro. Players need to have patience while taming this animal because it may take up to an hour for it to happen.

That’s everything you need to know about how to tame a Lox in Valheim. From a Lox, you will get drops such as Lox Meat, Lox Pelt and Lox trophy.

Can you breed Loxes in Valheim?

Well, it doesn’t look like you can breed Loxes at this point in the early access version of the game. But if this feature is added in the upcoming updates, we will update this article. What you can do is ride them, though. Check out our guide on this for more.

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