How to tame a Wolf in Valheim?

Wondering how to make a pet in Valheim? This guide shows you how to tame wolves in Valheim.

Valheim drops you into a mythical Nordic realm, quite literally as a huge bird literally drops you there. While the game is filled with mythical beasts who are out to hunt you down and tear you apart there are a few nice, relaxing moments in the game as well. The stunning scenery although having pixelated graphics is quite a treat to look at. There are animals that abound in the game and you can even tame a few of them to be your friends. The wolves, which otherwise are pretty snappy and ready to tear your flesh at a moment’s notice can also be tamed and domesticated.

They are pretty useful after being tamed as they breed and even get resources. They even fight alongside you which you have got to admit is pretty damn cool. It gives you a chance to live out your own ‘Jungle Book’ fantasy as being part of a wolf pack. Follow these instructions about how to get your own large dog in Valheim.

Where to find Wolves?

How to Tame Wolves in Valhiem?

Wolves are endemic to the Mountain biome. They are found in this region and usually roam in packs. They are swift at attacking and are looking to get a chunk out of you when in the wild. Luckily they can be turned into cute, snuggly animals in no time.

How to tame wolves

The method to tame wolves is quite similar to the method used to tame boars. Your first step has to be the construction of a pen. To do this you need to build a pen out of Stakewalls as they are much stronger than regular walls and will stand for a longer time when the wolves keep crashing into the walls. Also, make sure to add a door so that you can enter and exit according to your convenience.

It also proves to be to your benefit if you build a platform in your enclosure so that you can easily feed the wolves. Now you have to lure them in. Make sure to grab the attention of a wolf and have it chase you. Run in the direction of the pen and lead them into the pen. Once you do that jump onto the platform and close the door. Now throw some food for the wolves in the enclosure. Yellow hearts will begin appearing on the wolves’ heads. This means the percentage of affection is increasing. When the affection level reaches 100 percent, the wolves will have been tamed.

Now that you know how to tame a wolf look at how to tame a boar or how to build a raft. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.