How To Make And Use Raft In Valheim (Raft Controls)

Here's how to craft and use a Raft in Valheim. Explore biomes by sailing with the wind. Know the basics of sailing and controls for the Raft.

As a Viking, you have explore various regions to collect resources and that also means you have to sail the seas for it. You can do it with the help of a Raft in Valheim but how to craft it? What are the materials you need for it, how to use it and what are the Raft controls? Players have many questions on their minds and this guide will answer all of them and tell you how to set sail easily.

Valheim Raft: How to Make a Raft?

How to Build a Raft

You can build a Raft with these materials and then use it to sail in Valheim:

Players will also need a workbench nearby for this. When you have all the ingredients, you have to select your Hammer from your inventory when you are near water. Next, head to the Misc tab. This is where you will find the Raft so go ahead and select it. Lastly, click the left mouse button to put the Raft in water. Now you are all set to start sailing and explore newer lands. You can go slow, medium and fast as well as reverse.

How to Use the Raft in Valheim

How to Use the Raft in Valheim to Sail

There are quite a few things you should know before setting sail on your Raft. The thing you should know first is that the wind will have an impact on your movement of course, and you can see the wind direction on the compass.

How to Sail in Valheim (Raft Controls)

These are the basic Valheim Raft controls: To move the raft, you need to press W and S which will take it forward and backward respectively. With A and D, you can turn the rudder in the left or right direction steering the raft. Keep an eye on the wind because if the wind symbol is white, that means the wind is helping you out. If it’s grey, then you can’t use the sails in that direction and you need to use the rudder. There are 3 speeds to move forward and one speed level to move reverse. They are:

W 3 times 3 arrows above the wheel icon Full sail down requires wind Full speed
W 2 times 2 arrows above the wheel icon Half sail down requires wind Medium Speed
W 1 time 1 arrow above the wheel icon No sail only row using the rudder Slow Speed
No button press No arrows above or below the icon Motionless If already in motion then it will slow down to stop
S 1 time 1 arrow below the wheel icon Reverse movement using the rudder Slow Speed

When the wind is opposite to the direction you want to move in, you will move pretty slowly. Sometimes, the boat may move extremely slowly during which you can get into the water and push it if possible. In case the wind direction is the same, then you will have added support and you will go faster. You can tack back and forth in a zigzag movement when you are sailing against the wind. Note that as of now in the Early Access version, the Raft won’t turn over if the waters get violent which is good. But you can get it stuck or even beached. In case you stay with your raft near the shore, there’s a chance that Draugr or Greydwarf may attack it. practicing and you will get a hang of using the Raft to sail in Valheim. Further ahead, you will get a Longship to travel and we’ll be covering all about that too. If you want to know how to save time traveling though, you need to set up Portals and Teleport. Meanwhile, check out our Valheim guides that will help you level up your game:

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