How To Get Carrot Seeds In Valheim

Having difficulties finding carrot seeds in Valheim? Check this out to know where exactly you can find them

You will require Carrot seeds in Valheim to grow carrots as they’re one of the primary food sources in the game. Carrots can be easily found in the game and you can even farm them if you so choose to do. If you do not know where to find carrot seeds in Valheim, read the rest of this guide.

How To Get Carrot Seeds In Valheim

To get carrot seeds in Valheim you will need to go to the Black Forest which you can find outside the starting area in the game. Carrots are hard to find, but you will often find them lying on the ground. You can find the Black Forest as soon as you leave the starting area in the game. This place will be abundant with Pine and Cone trees among other types as well.

how to get carrot seeds in valheim

Once you have carrot seeds, you will require a cultivator to grow them into carrots. You can craft a cultivator using your forge. Forge can be built once you have a smelter, this guide will show you how to craft a smelter in Valheim.

Carrot seeds when placed inside a cultivator will give you carrots that you can use to prepare multiple recipes once you get your hands on a cauldron. This will allow you to create meals that you can use to heal yourself up. Carrots when cooked with Mushroom will help you to maximize healing and stamina in the game.

This meal is essential when you’re up against bosses like Eikthyr and The Elder, if you want to know how to defeat either Eikthyr or The Elder in Valheim, you can check it out right here.

This is all there is to know about how to get carrot seeds in Valheim, carrots are of the essential items when it comes to making cooked meals and you will need them often so having a large number of carrot seeds will ensure that you never run out of it.

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