Valheim: How To Summon And Beat The Elder (Boss Fight Tips)

How to find the Elder boss location & how to summon Elder in Valheim. Get the boss fight tips to beat him too.

The Elder in Valheim is a Forsaken boss that you can summon and defeat to get a reward. It’s basically a trophy that you can use to get a buff for some amount of time. After progressing in the game by summoning and beating the first boss Eikthyr (or Eikthyrnir), you have to get ready to summon and beat The Elder in Valheim.

Valheim Elder Boss Location – How to Find Second Boss

To find the Elder location (the second boss), you have to head to the Black Forest and find a rune stone. Interact with it and that’s how you will get the Elder location on the map but be careful that there are Greydwarves or Trolls around that place.

Valheim Elder Boss Location How to Find Second Boss

How to Summon Elder in Valheim

You will need to find three ancient seeds and sacrifice them at the Alter in the location to summon Elder in Valheim. You can find ancient seeds from chests in dungeons but the best method is to destroy Greydwarf Spawners. You can also fight Greydwarf Brutes and Shamans for it.

These enemies will drop ancient seeds but note that they are bigger than normal Greydwarf. Now, the chance to get 3 seeds from them is comparatively low. The faster way is to destroy Greydwarf Spawners because they spawn Greydwarves of various difficulty levels. Keep attacking the spawner to eventually destroy it.

  • Greydwarf Brutes: These are the stronger version of Greydwarf and their melee attack is pretty heavy making them tough enemies.
  • Shamans: Note that the Shamans will release a poison cloud which will deal damage to you. Plus, they can heal other Greydwarves near them with a cloud so remember to deal with the Shamans as soon as you can.

With the 3 ancient seeds obtained, you can head to the Elder boss location to summon the Elder by burning the items. But note that there could be more enemies around which will make this fight tougher.

How to Beat Elder in Valheim?

This Elder boss fight is going to be long and tough if you are going solo. But with some help, you will be able to beat Elder in Valheim. Make sure to use the fire or bronze arrows for your ranged attacks and use copper weapons for melee attacks.

How to Beat Elder in Valheim

Elder boss attacks:

  • This boss can stomp his foot on the ground and deal some damage to nearby players.
  • He will also direct vine attacks towards you.
  • Sometimes the enemy will summon some Roots in the area by raising his arm.

how to kill roots elder boss fight

Tips to defeat him:

  • Be prepared for this fight by bringing a health potion stack because you will need it. Also eat some food beforehand.
  • Keep an eye on the other enemies spawning nearby and the Roots. Attack them so that you can focus on the main boss.
  • You will need Copper armor to protect yourself from the Roots.
  • Deal damage by getting a few strikes in and run away from Elder and the Roots.
  • If you try to run away, he will follow you and will not disappear. But moving away from the Roots is what you can do to get him by himself.
  • When the Elder does the attack that is aimed straight at you, dodge it quickly while also managing your stamina level.
  • During the stomp attack, make sure to dodge and then instantly come back close to him to attack him.
  • A good tip is to have a player going after him with melee attacks while the others shower ranged attacks on him. They can also protect the melee player from the Roots that may attack from the vicinity.

Elder Boss Rewards

After you defeat the Elder, players will receive the Elder trophy and swamp keys as a drop from this boss. When you offer this at the Sacrificial Stones, you will get Elder power. It will give you the power to cut down trees faster when it is activated.

That’s how to summon the Elder boss in Valheim, how to find his location and how to defeat him. Stick around for some more crucial Valheim tips and tricks on Gamer Tweak! For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.