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How To Summon First Boss In Valheim Easily

In this guide, we will explain what to sacrifice at the Mystical Alter and how to summon the first boss in Valheim.

Summoning the first boss in Valheim (Eikthyr) is something that is confusing many players. While you are crafting and building things, note that you have to make this boss spawn by offering Deer Trophies as a sacrifice. You will also get some rewards when you kill this boss and it will lead to more things opening up in your journey. In this guide, we will discuss how to summon the first boss in Valheim by killing Deers.

How to Summon the First Boss in Valheim?

Follow these steps to summon the first boss in Valheim (Eikthyr):

  1. Kill some Deer and earn a minimum of 2 Deer trophies.
  2. Also upgrade your Workbench if you can but it is not compulsory.
  3. Go to the Mystical Alter near the red stone.
  4. Give the two Deer trophies as the Valheim first boss offering.
  5. This will summon the first boss.
  6. Now defeat the boss.

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How to Kill Deer in Valheim & Get Deer Trophy

How to Kill Deer in Valheim

Players have to sacrifice Deer trophies in order to summon this enemy. You can easily hunt some Deer with the help of a bow if you have it already. It will need some Wood and Leather. But if you don’t then there is another way to kill Deer. You must use Sneak using the left control along with a Knife or any other weapon to slay Deer. Approach Deer from behind and kill them immediately with one hit. Remember that if they spot you, they can escape pretty quickly. Even if you kill one, the other Deer near it will run off. But you can follow the escaped Deer and do the same thing to hunt it too.

Once you have everything you need, head back to the Mystical Alter and offer your items. The Mystical Alter is near the red stone that you have interacted with and you will see its location on the map after interaction. After your offering, the first boss will appear with a bang and then your task will be to beat him.

That’s everything on how to make the first boss spawn in Valheim. Don’t forget to do other important tasks in Valheim like finding Flint and crafting Flint weapons, getting a Pickaxe, repairing items and taming a Boar.

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