Valheim Flint Guide: How To Get Flint & Craft Weapons And Tools

Here's how to get Flint in Valheim that you can use to craft Flint Axe, Flint Knife, Flint Spear and more.

Building is a crucial component of Valheim and for that you will need Flint. With Flint, you can craft some awesome early game tools as well as weapons. Many players are searching for it in the woods but that’s not where you will get it in abundance. In this guide, we will explain where to find Flint in Valheim and how to use it to craft Flint tools and weapons easily.

Where to Find Flint in Valheim

how to get Flint in Valheim

Flint in Valheim is available near water or even in water. So to save your time, walk up to the nearest water source like a river or a stream. Once you locate the flint stone, go ahead and pick it up using the E key which will bring it to your inventory. It will be white in color so keep an eye out for that. When you find one, there’s a high chance there are lots more in the vicinity so collect them all.

How to Use Flint to Craft Flint Weapons & Tools

use Flint to craft weapons and tools
Head to the workbench to craft Flint weapons and tools

You can use Flint to make Flint tools like Flint Axe, Flint Knife, Flint Spear and Flinthead Arrow. You will need to head to your Workbench which is where you can craft these tools. Click on the Craft tab in the Workbench Menu and you will see the materials you need to craft a certain tool or weapon. Once you are sure and have the items needed, go ahead and click on the Craft button to make the process happen.

  • Flint Axe: The Flint Axe will need 4 Wood and 6 Flint. It is an upgrade from the Stone axe and will only be available once you have built your Workbench. It’s used for wood cutting and also to deal damage to creatures you encounter.
  • Flint Knife: The Flint Knife will need 2 Wood, 4 Flint and 2 Leather scraps. It’s a weapon that has a fast attack speed but it deals less damage than the copper version of the knife.
  • Flint Spear: The Flint Spear will need 5 Wood 10 Flint and 2 Leather scraps. You can use a Flint Spear to kill a deer in one throw.

For Leather scraps, you have to hunt animals such as boars to get it. You can do it easily by using a bow and arrow that you can craft on your workbench. Apart from the aforementioned Flint tools, you can also get the Flinthead Arrows which are the upgraded arrows if you compare them to the Wood arrows. You can craft a Flinthead Arrow at the Workbench with 1 Wood and 1 Flint.

That’s all about Flint in Valheim, how to get it and how to use it to craft tools and weapons. While you are here, don’t miss out on other essential things you must know in Valheim like how to upgrade the Workbench, how to play co-op with friends and how to repair items.

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