How To Get All Pickaxes In Valheim

Wondering about how to get a pickaxe in Valheim? Check this out

A pickaxe is a useful tool in Valheim and it is something that you’re going to need to use often in the game. From the first pickaxe, Antler pickaxe your journey of breaking stones and so much more. This is how you can get a pickaxe in Valheim.

How To Get The Valheim Pickaxe

To get a pickaxe in Valheim you will need to defeat the first boss to get Hand Antlers and then upgrade your workbench, doing this will allow you to craft your first  Valheim pickaxe, it is called the Antler Pickaxe and works like a wonder when you need it, especially for breaking stones and other such items.

how to get pickaxe in valheim

As soon as you get in Valheim, you will be in the middle of the standing stones. Here you will find the deer stone, interact with it and you will have the first boss on your map. Now, all you have to do is hunt him down, as soon as you defeat the first boss you will get the Hard Antlers.

How To Get Bronze Pickaxe in Valheim

To get the Bronze Pickaxe in Valheim, you’re going to need to bring these two items to your workbench, once you’re nearby you will be able to craft a brand new Bronze Pickaxe in the game.

Here’s everything that you need to craft the Bronze Pickaxe In Valheim:

  • 3 x Core Wood
  • 10 x Bronze

You can get your hands on Core Wood by chopping down Pine Trees that you find in the black forest, but getting bronze is a bit tricky. We recommend that you check out guide on how to get Bronze to understand better.

Once you have all the above items simply go to your workbench and craft your very own Bronze Pickaxe.

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How To Get Iron Pickaxe In Valheim

To craft the Iron Pickaxe in Valheim, you’re going to need to gather items like Core Wood and Iron. while core wood can get gotten easily, you will have to craft Iron by yourself. To do that you should check out how to get iron right here

Now, that you have your needed item, the second thing that you have to do is upgrade your workbench and to do this you will need a Flint, you can check out how to get Flint in this article.

How To Upgrade Your Workbench To Level 2 In Valheim

As soon as you have the flint, you will unlock a Chopping Block recipe. Craft the Chopping Block and place it next to your workbench, this will upgrade it and you will be able to craft a Valheim pickaxe.

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Sadly, you won’t be able to find a pickaxe lying on the floor in the game and this is the only way to get your hands on the tool.

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