How To Find Iron In Valheim (Locations)

Here are the ways you can find and get Iron in Valheim.

Iron is one of the resources you will want to get your hands on and many players are wondering how to do it. In this guide, we will explain how to get Iron in Valheim easily.

How to Get Iron Ore in Valheim (Iron Locations)

You can get Iron Scraps in Valheim by heading to the Crypts in the Swamp and using your Pickaxe to destroy Muddy scrap piles. Plus, you can get Iron Scraps from Meteor Craters. You can also find Iron Ore veins in the Swamp and get Iron in the form of Bog Iron in the Swamp as well.

how to get iron in valheim

Here are the steps you need to follow to find Iron in Valheim easily:

  1. First, beat the second boss of Valheim, The Elder.
  2. The Elder will drop a Swamp Key as a reward.
  3. Head to the Swamp area and locate a Crypt.
  4. Use the Swamp Key to enter the Crypt.
  5. Now look around and you will see some Muddy Scrap piles.
  6. When you mine it with a Pickaxe like a Bronze pickaxe, you will get Scrap Iron as a drop.
  7. Make sure to explore the Crypt further to open up chests that may contain more Iron.
  8. Note that you cannot teleport with Scrap Iron.

how to find iron in valheim

How to Use Iron Ore and Scraps

Now you can use the Scrap Iron in the Smelter to get Iron bars. Picking up your very first Iron bar will unlock many new crafting recipes like Ironhead arrow, Iron Axe, Huntsman bow, Iron helmet, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Mace, Iron Nails, Iron Tower Shield, Iron Sword and more.

Here are the crafting recipes for some of the main Iron Tools:

  • Iron Pickaxe: You need 3 Wood, 15 Iron Bars.
  • Iron Longsword: You need 3 2 Wood, 25 Iron.
  • Iron Axe: You need 3 3 Wood, 15 Iron Bars.

You will also get the recipe for the Stonecutter and it works like the Workbench – you can build stone structures with it. You will need 6 Iron, 8 Stone and 10 Wood for it.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to find Iron in Valheim. We’re sure you are trying to make the most of the resources you have with and around you. Our Valheim guides will help you out:

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