How To Defeat Eikthyr In Valheim

Wondering about how to beat Eikthyr in Valheim? Know the boss fight tips to defeat this enemy.

Eikthyr in Valheim (or Eikthyrnir) is the first boss that you will summon. It is a particularly easy boss to defeat if you know how to deal with its attacks. This guide will show you how to beat Eikthyr in the game, if you’re having issues or trouble defeating it, keep reading to know how to do it easily.

How To Beat Eikthyr In Valheim

To beat Eikthyr in Valheim you will require a Shield and a weapon like Flint Spear to attack with, along with this you should make sure that you carry three types of meals for maximum health and stamina. Resting throughout the night before you begin the boss battle will also give you the edge required to defeat Valheim.

how to beat eikthyr in valheim

To begin the boss battle, you will need to offer 2 Deer Trophies at the Mythical Alter, once you do this, Eikthyr will be spawned on your map and you will need to track it down. Once you’re in the battle make sure that you always have your wood shield to block its attacks.

Eikthyr has three different attacks that you have to be aware of, one of which is an area on effect and the other two are a melee and a ranged attack. You can pretty much telepath all of its attacks and move out of the way, just make sure that you steer clear of the area on effect attack and the ranged lightning attack as these cause the most damage.

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Use your shield and dodges to save yourself from all incoming attacks and you can reply with your own attacks with your flint spear in between Eikthyr’s attacks.

You will need to keep on doing this for a couple of minutes but it shouldn’t take you long as this is the first boss that you will encounter in the game. This is all there is to know about how to beat Eikthyr in Valheim.

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