Valheim: How To Get Core Wood

Here's how to get Core wood in Valheim. Know where to find Core wood location and how to use it for building.

Core wood is one of the several types of wood you will need in Valheim. Even though other types are good enough for basic structures and weapons, eventually Core wood will be essential to survive in the wilderness of this game. They are the key component required to build log cabins and craft many items. So let’s look at how to get Core wood in Valheim.

Core wood is a perfect resource used to craft better building structures like long cabins. Even though it’s stronger than normal wood, it can not replace them where normal regular wood is required. With Core wood, you will be able to craft more items like log beams. Core wood can also be used to craft weapons like Stagbreaker once you defeat Eikthyr. Stagbreaker is a crucial weapon in the third boss battle against Bonemass.

How to Find Core Wood in Valheim?

You can get Core Wood from Fir trees and Pine trees in the Black Forest. Hugin, Odin’s raven who is your guide in the game, suggests you not to enter Back Forest till you defeat Eikthyr, the first boss. Once you enter Black Forest look for tall Pine trees, they are taller than other tree species in the Forest. They are unlike the trees you used to chop before for workbench and your first house. Even though you can chop down Pine trees with a stone axe, you should use anything from Flint axe or even Bronze axe to collect Core Wood in Valheim much faster.
Valheim Core Wood

Easy Steps to Get Valheim Core Wood

So here’s how you can get Core wood in Valheim:

  • Summon and kill Eikthyr, to survive venturing into the Black Forest.
  • If you are going before defeating the boss, make sure to upgrade your weapons and grab enough healing options.
  • Find Pine trees, this will the tallest among the trees in the forest.
  • Equip your Bronze axe, Flint axe, or even Stone axe.
  • Go near the tall trees. Make sure the name shows up as “Pine” tree, as your crosshair is on the tree.
  • Start chopping the tree down using the left mouse button.
  • The tree will fall dog as a log same as other trees.
  • Keep cutting the logs down into smaller prices to collect the wood drops.
  • You will now get Core wood along with normal wood.
  • Keep chopping more Pine and Fir trees to get as much core as you need.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find, and how to get core wood in Valheim. While here also check out more Valheim tips and tricks in our Valheim guide. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.